[Giveaway] 1 Fresh Pair of Wings

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  1. One of my goals when 1.9 was brought to EMC, I set out to find an Elytra for myself and 1 for my daughter. Well I was lucky enough to find them both quickly. I've given 2 other away and figured why not do it again!

    In order to enter you must post your favorite part of 1.9. That's it! Will run this for a few days and winner will be drawn randomly using random.org.

    Good luck to all! :)

    Congrates to LtCaptainMe for winning!
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  2. My favorite part is the no damage at all if you just right click with a shield. That and the lack of work that thak now does at work.
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  3. If my number is chosen you can skip it and give to the next number, I just wanna talk about 1.9 xD

    My favorite part of 1.9 is the end. It was so fun on update day- me and samsim (Neaux) went out and had fun killing the waste dragon on utopia.. Then I got knocked off a bridge by some weird force... Chin was watching us on out adventure, pretty sure he used some command like /slap... but I got back up after my death and we went 8000 blocks into the end before sam gave up- wishing to go to sleep. So right after he went off I hit the holy grail and got my first elytra.

    I also find purpur farming fun and relaxing, I dont know why. :p
  4. My favorite part of Minecraft 1.9 update is probably that we can spawn the ender dragon unlimited times.
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  5. The end is my favorite part of 1.9. I hate the combat, I hate the boats and I hate the blaze powder for brewing.
  6. Being able to bow urself
  7. I'm 20k blocks out in the end writing this. :p My favorite thing about 1.9 is the elytra. I honestly didn't think that I would like the elytra until I tried it for the first time. I now love it.

    Please don't enter me either. I just wanted to share my thoughts. :)
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  8. I favorite thing in 1.9 is definitely mending and tipped arrows. Mending makes it so much easier for me to just do what I want with hunting/mining instead of worrying about repairing and such. Also tipped arrows are just epic without explanation. The fact I can shoot someone with an arrow AND poison them = <3 and a happy ChickenDice :D
  9. My favorite thing about 1.9 is exploring the new terrain in the end
  10. My favorite part of 1.9 is the new combat. Just something about the cooldown being finished then hitting again is so satisfying to me :)
  11. my favorite things are the cool new dragon heads
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  12. My favorite part is the new purple blocks. :)
  13. More sophisticated boat mechanics! :)
  14. My favorite part about 1.9 is everything they left alone and didn't change.
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  15. My favorite part was the end cities it ands an all new experience to exploring for me and just find it fun to go. Also has made my ender pearl skills better.
  16. Elytra wings are my fave :)
  17. My favorite thing about 1.9 are the complainers.
  18. My favorite part is rabbits are smaller.:D
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  19. My favorite part of 1.9 is that the new chorus trees look so much like coral; I think they're absolutely beautiful, in a unique way. :) Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

    (I also love that you can put on Elytra, black leggings and boots, and a dragon head to look like a totally adorable baby dragon creature :P)
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  20. My favorite part is the expansion of the End...Im glad I can explore and actually find treasure :)
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