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  1. The Elytra!
  2. My fav part of 1.9 are the path blocks as they are really pretty
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  3. my favourite part is the dragon killing ^^
  4. Fav part is the new potions
  5. My favorite part of 1.9 is being able to kill the Ender Dragon and farm its head, as i love the look of the Ender Dragon Head, i love how i can kill the dragon multiple times :)
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  6. The part I like the most are the purpur blocks and the endstone bricks.. they just fit together so well and I can't to use them in new builds!
  7. My favorite part of 1.9 is that you can respawn the ender dragon. It seems like a really cool idea!

    Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!
  8. My favourite part is when you find an end city but can't see a ship but then you go to turn your render distance up and u see one
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  9. I love the new enchantment, the Frost Walker. The chorus plant looks really cool and I like what Hashhog Said about them.
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  10. My favorite thing about 1.9 is the criticism towards mojang...oh yeah, and the end as well so...

  11. Bump :p
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  12. I haven't played much 1.9, nor kept up with the news, but the one thing that I noticed when I played a few min last Monday on EMC, was the new placement of the chat, it now doesn't block seeing your xp level anymore. :)
  13. I love the new skeleton horse and the elytra. I think it's a shame that we won't be allowed skeleton horses in town, but I hope we can keep them in the frontier :)
    I also love the extended end and the placeable crystals.
  14. I may have to say the stuff you can do with dragon heads, armor stands and the ground(you can make awesome patterns with the ears.. look it up on youtube)
  15. I like the expansion of the End into a place that can be explored.
  16. That feeling of excitement when you're all sad because you've been looking for cities for hours and haven't found one, and you see this endstone brick and purpur monolith render out on the horizon. :)
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  17. My favorite part is the end. Especially the new end cities.
  18. My favorite part of the end in 1.9 was falling into the void with all my gear. :L
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  19. I don't really have a "favoutite part" of any update, but well, I think I like the new squid heads best, not that that is an normal mc-part of it, but well....
  20. I love mending and Frost walker :) but also like the elytra and tipped arrows and combat (sue me) and I love the new blocks BTW make u endstone bricks now! 1.10 takes em away again :mad:
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