Getting back to the same wasteland when you die

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  1. I've been killed a couple of times while mining/exploring the Wasteland...No big deal, it happens, but it would be really great if when you die and respawn, that it would send you back to the same wasteland outpost you were at previously so that it might be possible to return to where you died and retrieve your belongings.

    Instead, what happens is you spawn at some random one.

    Why can't there be a way to go to a specific outpost so you can continue mining where you were before? There are several wastelands.

    If there is a way please let me know what it is.


  2. Just remember which one you were at when you died. It's not really hard. It seems like work that could be spent on name change compatibility.
  3. One thing that might help is to choose which one you teleport to each time.

    I know for the frontier I do /frontier south
    I think it looks like you do /wastelands /south
    or just /south
    ? for waste?
    For the frontier you can make a sign on your res that teleports you directly to that direction. From the wiki, it doesn't look like it works for waste though :( I'll test tonight. That would be a quick improvement for them I'm sure, and a lot easier than changing where you go after death.

    Wow, that was a really rude reply.
  4. You can already.

    /waste c
    /waste n
    /waste e
    /waste w
    /waste s
    /waste ne
    /waste se
    /waste sw
    /waste nw
  5. That was what he asked, if there was a way now.

    I was asking, does it work on signs yet?


    for example.
  6. If you die and forgot where you were, ask a staff member and they will tell you the coords of your last death. :)
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  7. Very true!
  8. Voxelmap sets a waypoint when you die. If you use it don't forget to turn the feature off if you try farming your head or you will have a lot of waypoint deleting to do (Guess how I know :)).

    You'll find a link in the Approved Mods list:
  9. This post is out for a while, but because I was searching something related, I thought, I add my way, how I deal with this. It is very simple. While I'm playing, specialy when I visit Wasteland, I open the LiveMap in my browser and if it happens that I got killed, I do not hit "Respawn" immediately, but quickly check my status on the LiveMap. Note down, or just remember the coordinates,then go back to MC and hit "Respawn". In most cases it brings you back to the same Wasteland outpost anyways, but if not, you can find your way back,with a little work,to your items.
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