Wastelands Nether

Mar 24, 2015
Wastelands Nether
  • This page is currently work in progress - 24th of March 2015.

    Just like the Wastelands the Wastelands Nether is a world which should be used to mine for resources. Even though this world is part of the Wastelands you will need to use different portals or Commands to get here. In the Town spawn area (which you can reach using the /town command) you will find the portals which will take you to the Wastelands Nether. The command /wnether can be used to directly teleport yourself to one of the outposts.

    And just like in the Wastelands you can also use the water portals on top of the outposts to teleport yourself to other outposts in the Nether.

    We advice players not to build permanent structures in the Wastelands Nether because this world can be reset at any time without warning. Also keep in mind that griefing is not allowed in any of the EMC worlds.

    It is also important to know that you can not go further than x = 4000, y = 4000, x = -4000 or y = -4000. Doing so will get you stuck. If turning around doesn't work, contact a staff member so they can return you to safety.

    These Commands can be used to access the Wastelands Nether:
    • /wnether - Teleports you to a random outpost in the Wastelands Nether.
    • /wnether c, n, ne, nw, s, se, sw, e or w - Teleports you to a specific outpost in the Wastelands Nether.

    We have 9 main servers, each with their own worlds for surviving, building and mining.

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