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  1. Marzena
    "The Dreamed One"

    A remake of the previous Gallia and Gallia Revived threads by Princebee

    Hello and welcome to the world of Marzena! Take control of your dreams and take the opportunities that come for you, because here anything can happen.


    ~ Introduction (Current)
    ~ Races and Classes // Map
    ~ How to...
    ~ Sign up form //Character List/Current Players
    ~ Extra Reserve

    Marzena is a roleplay thread, meaning you take the role of another person or being and make your own story in their shoes.
    We welcome new players who weren't in the old threads, the only requirement to join is basic grammar and at least a small idea of what you're doing. If you have no idea, visit the "How to..." post or read some of the thread to see what others are saying!

    General rules of the thread:
    ~Usual rules of The Empire, you guys know the drift

    Roleplay Rules of the thread:
    ~ OOC and IC must go in different colours (which will be listed in the form)
    ~ No killing other people's characters
    ~ Be fair in fights, no power playing
    ~ Want to change your character? Message me
    These rules can change at any time. Anyone who breaks any of these rules will receive a single warning before being asked to leave the thread

  2. Classes and Races



    Strange beings with the ability to transform into animals. These creatures are unable to choose their animal counterpart, much like we are unable to chose are skin or eye colour. The animals usually reflect the human, taking size, strength and sometimes personality into consideration. For example a shorter person with ginger hair could be a fox, or a squirrel. However a larger person with dark hair could be a wolf with a dark pelt, or a large crow. Very rarely, animal forms will change, but only when major changes happen with the human, like a traumatic experience or a permanent injury.
    Some Anima are unable to transform, leaving them with characteristics of what would have been their animal form. Tails, ears and wings are common examples. However with practice, most can learn to take either a full animal or full human form.
    For some, it can be tiring to stay in one form. Some can stay in human form, tiring when they become an animal. Some can stay animal form, while tiring when they become human, however this is much rarer.


    Most regard humans as the most basic and 'normal' of all races, but they can be the most interesting of all. Able to learn and develop skills quickly, they tend to advance faster than most. Humans aren't limited in their abilities, able to pursue the same things as other species/races. With time and training, most humans are able to be as agile as elves or as powerful as orcs.


    Usually blessed with beauty and unmatched agility, this race is usually regarded as the most graceful of all. Most elves go for the pure side of life, avoiding crime and evil deeds. However some rebel against the traditional elven way of life. (Looking to expand, message me)


    Orcs are large beings, similar to the ogres of children's stories. They are usually unfortunate when it comes to their appearance, but they make up for their ugly looks with strength and power. (Looking to expand, message me)


    Starts with: A bow and either a few arrows or a single animal

    Archers are famed for their expert aim and deadly accuracy with their bows. They often have travelling companions, but in the form of a single animal, not a human. These animals are usually wolves, dogs or foxes, helpful for their speed and strength.

    Starts with: Sword and, if wanted, a light wooden shield

    Warriors, also called Knights or Paladins, are usually strong individuals. Known for their strength both mentally or physically, they can be formidable opponents. Some Warriors can take hits from many enemies at once, taking the right opportunity to destroy their attackers. However others can charge into battle and pummel everything in their paths.
    Many fear warriors, as they can attack in different ways and rarely think about "failure", some think they simply dont know the word exists

    Animal Tamer
    Starts with: A single animal, be sensible when choosing

    Animal Tamers possess the strange power of befriending animals around them. They can tame anything from fierce wolves to cheerful rabbits. The tamers themselves rarely take part in the battles, instead commanding their animals to take on whoever comes close. Tamers usually take to the trees and become Archers, but some charge into battle with their companions and help defeat the enemy

    Starts with: A small staff or book, both of which contain a magic of your choice (see below)

    Mages are masters of magic. They usually carry either a book containing many spells or a staff from which they can cast magic directly. They can choose to master either elemental magic or healing magic. Elemental magic can be deadly as it includes fire, water, ice and everything in between. Healing magic can heal even the worst of wounds and injuries in the blink of an eye with minimum pain, making them great companions in battle

    Starts with: A knife, fairly blunt or something similar

    Assassins are masters of the shadows. They can appear from no where and take down their foes. They can easily run along roof tops and move between alley ways, scouting out their next victim. People of this class can quickly take down enemies and just as quickly shrink back into the shadows, being known as neither a witness or the killer at the end

    (Looking for more classes to be added)
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  3. Alice's Guide to Roleplaying

    Contains help on:
    ~ How to type a rp post (Grammar, words to use, ect)
    ~ Character creation (Naming, appearance, personality)
    ~ Roleplay specific words (Power playing, IC and OOC)
    ~ Misc. help

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  4. Map and Characters

    (Map image coming soon)

    Spawn Arenas

    Stamford - A small fishing village. A haven for cats and fishermen alike. Many of the cats that take residence in the village are actually Anima in disguise, rarely seen in their human forms. The village is near the shore, visited by many boats from all around the world. The trade and business that surrounds Stamford makes it a popular target for pirate raids and attacks

    Alryn - A market village. Many people from Stamford commute here to sell their wares, usually fish and golden jewellery. Home to people of all classes and social groups, with more than enough housing to choose from. The area is well guarded as it home to many people of a richer lifestyle.

    Erith - A large city. Home to a very high class of people, it is a very desired place to live. However the rich atmosphere makes it home to a variety of beggars and theives coming from the surrounding, poorer places.

    Character Info and Sign-up

    Sign up:

    Character Name:
    Character Personality (Optional):
    Character Appearance (Picture or words):
    (Anima Only) Animal form:
    Class weapon (if many options are available):

    Starting Place/Spawn Area:

    Current Active Characters:

    Chara name - Page of Form - Username - Spawn Area (May not be current location)

    Darius Summers - 1 - AliceTheFox - Stamford
    Foxy Sparrow - 1 - FoxyRavenger - Alyrn
    Dylus Rosmaris - 1 - AverageWalrus - Alyrn
    Alphonse Lahktu - 1 - Galantisizer - Alyrn
    Jonathan Corvus - 3 - Princebee
    Halt Arratay - 6 - Owl_On_Caffeine - Erith
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  5. Open for posting

    Character list was last updated on; 23rd Sept
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  6. First...? Am waiting for character creation, and then I shall play.


    Character Name: Alphonse Lahktu
    Character Personality (Optional): Will develop over time
    Character Appearance (Picture or words): Pale skin, glowing eyes. I always wear a mask similar to this. Dark cloak. Black, worn, leather boots. Tattoos going up and down my right arm, coming onto my torso.
    (Anima Only) Animal form: n/a
    Race: Elf
    Class: Animal Tamer
    Class weapon (if many options are available): none
    Animal (Animal Tamer): A Falcon. We have a very strong trust bond. I also wear a brace on my left arm for him to land on.

    Starting Place/Spawn Area: Alryn
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  7. ((2 hours of typing and I aint even done yet, someone help. I gtg soon, prettying everything up tomorrow))

    Character Name: Darius Summers
    Character Personality (Optional): (Will be expressed via rp)
    Character Appearance (Picture or words):

    (Anima Only) Animal form:

    Race: Anima
    Class: Assassin
    Class weapon (if many options are available):

    Starting Place/Spawn Area: Stamford

    (Will pretty this up and make the pictures smaller at a later date)
  8. Pretty! I'm looking forward to the roleplaying guide. Hm, I don't know what to think of the classes. I honestly wouldn't quite know what I should choose, there.
  9. If you dont know what class to choose, pick a race and your character can develop a class as they progress
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  10. Character Name: Foxy Sparrow
    Character Personality (Optional): Erratic
    Character Appearance:

    (Anima Only) Animal form:

    Race: Anima
    Class: Warrior (Pirate)
    Class weapon: Right hook & steel knife
    Starting Place/Spawn Area: Alryn
    Edit: Changed class
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  11. You see a small ginger cat with a large fish in it's mouth approach you, it glances at your ears and grins, as if it knows something you don't. It glides through your legs and behind you as if it had completed the task many times before. As you turn around you see a tail dissappear into the shadows of an alley way.
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  12. I came from a long fishing trip. I worked with humans so I had to act like one. I was tired lifting up fish nets. My coat smelled like fish and I haven't bathed in weeks. I was heading to my home outside of town but a ginger cat grabbed my attention. It acted mischievously and moved into the shadows of an ally way. I Flick my ears where I last saw the cat. I hear nothing but I Grin with my sharp teeth and decide to follow the cat into the ally way. I made sure my hook was poised and knife in my sling. I ran to catch up.
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  13. Name: Dylus Rosmaris
    Appearance: Short-Medium Length Brown Hair, Green Eyes (Usual Attire is a Worn green Tee Shirt, Khaki Shorts
    Race: Human
    Class: Animal Tamer (Starting Companion is a Gharial)
    Weapon: Shortsword
    Starting Area: Alryn

    Edit: Edited my Spawn Area
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  14. Edited my post, Alice, my... "profile" is complete.
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  15. People mill around you, going about their daily business. The market place is open and loud like usual. Voices can be heard, shouting deals and so called bargains, luring you in to buy their wares. There's at least 30 stalls, selling everything from live rare animals to weapons. The area is full of people of all races and colours, making it almost impossible to feel out of place.
    You can feel a few coins in your pocket. Enough to buy a few pieces of fruit or maybe a better weapon. There's enough stalls and people shouting about their possessions, why not have a look around?

    I grinned as the man ran down the alley way. I hopped up onto a bin, watching the man. I meowed loudly, flicking my tail. The fish was tiring me out, I dropped it on the floor for the man, however he smelled like fish enough to be one.... I meowed again, louder than before, seeing how long it would take until his patience ran out.
  16. I stop running to the meowing of the cat. I finally see the cat staring me down apon a trash bin. I was puzzled seeing the fish dropped at my feet. It cat meowed louder taunting me. I produce a growl waiting for the cat to do something.
  17. I walk over to the nearest weapon stall. I see some fruit over at the stall behind me. "It's either a weapon, or food," I think to myself. I reluctantly search through the pile of weapons, finding blunt knives, snapped arrows, and severed whips. Nothing worth my meager gold coins. I send my falcon into the air to examine the rest of the plaza.
  18. I glare at the man for a moment before jumping high on the bin and returning back on the lid, but this time sat in jeans and a shirt, looking simply uninterested. I run my hands through my hair and smile slightly, "Well that isn't a very nice way to greet a friend" I glance down at the fish before kicking it towards, "I even offered you a snack as well"

    The falcon flies high, examining the stalls with expert eyes. It swoops down suddenly, scaring a few people nearby. It lands on your shoulder and caws slightly, looking towards a small, almost hidden, selling a few well made, but fairly priced bows and sheilds. A weird combination, which probably explains the lack of business at the stall
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  19. I nod towards the stall owner, who grunts back at me. I turn and exit the stall. The sun is beaming, and coming through the slits in my mask. I let my falcon lead me to the stall. I receive some odd stares from people, which is odd in itself, because I normally get nothing in regards to my outfit, save for the occasional whimper from a child, too young to comprehend what may lie beneath my mask. I enter the stall.
  20. I eased up a bit, "It's not friendly to not introduce yourself in a way I'm not so familiar with." I pause, "That I why I followed your ginger tail here to figure out what was going on." My orange gaze and red fox ears got your attention. I continue, "I haven't seen someone like you around, are you from here?"
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