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  1. This game has basically died
  2. It's on a sort of half-life.
    It's not dead, yet.
    I've been busy past few days, I didn't have time for things like New Nations, tried to participate best I can.
    I've got a few ideas for the Old NN as well.
  3. The invasion/annexation (if I'm allowed too) starts. 250,000 troops went to France through Germany, they also arrive with a few tanks to assert power.
    They plan to use Frances resources to increase military power. If there is any signs of resisting, the military will intervene, and the SNE is not afraid to go to war with France.

    In other news, the SNE's economy is starting to regrow, trade is starting to recover and poverty is only 45%
    The SNE prepares to create more factories in their new countries (last 2 countries official taken over) and industrialize everything.
  4. The Italian Empire, with the fast industrialization and help of the other European Fascists has begun to re-expand its colonial Empire by invading Libya. Their Army is rather stronger than IRL (OOC: due to other Fascists helping them and more effective leadership)
    The Socialists have discovered through informants and private enterprises that if their estimates are correct, Libya holds large oil reserves. However, they are too busy fighting themselves to actually do anything about it and decides not to intervene. India has relaunched the war with a land invasion into the Socialists, but it is not a very big invasion. SEU has responded by an Air Force bombardment, but unfortunately their lack of a strong Army has been extremely problematic.
  5. An Islamic Secret Police has been formed in the Sunayyad Empire. They are at the level of the KGB, very secretive, intelligent, fit and deadly. They focus on foreign and national affairs to gain information and to benefit the Caliphate. They are known for disposing of people who oppose the Islamic State and for completing deadly spy missions on other nations. They use torture, lies and threats to get information out of people, and they themselves are very loyal.

    Religious loyalty outmatches any state loyalty at all. The benefit of the Islamic state is a set of believers all under the same beliefs, everyone believes they will see Allah at the end of their days, everyone believes what they do is for the goodwill of Allah, the Sunayyad is the most royal regime ever, no other can match.

    People are demanding answers to the whereabouts of the Caliph, the Sultan answers back with shutting down petitions and protests, ultimately shutting down freedom of expression to the government. The Caliph is nowhere to be found, the most likely isn't dead, because he isn't, the Sultan in a bloodless coup took over while the Caliph was forced to flee into the mountains and desert of Saudi Arabia, he prays and studies at the same place where Muhammed prayed hundreds of years ago.

    The new Sultan has a much more radical approach to maintaining society, he believes in keeping people happy through religion and culture, but he believes oppressing freedom of speech and freedom to protest is the only way to keep the peace. The people of a nation have more control than they actually know, but letting them know that they have that control encourages them to take over a government and disobey when they don't like something. The Sultan believes in speeding up production, agriculture and construction to maintain a fruitful nation, the only way to keep growing is to keep the people happy, but also not to the point where they think for their own government.

    Muslim cities are flourishing more than before, Baghdad has literally re-entered the list of the world's greatest cities of science, just behind cities like London and others. Cairo is flourishing, and even though it is stupidly expensive, old Egyptian architect is being rebuilt, yet with a modern twist. The Library of Alexander is being built, although people protest it, calling for Baghdad to focus on rebuilding Alexander before some Library.

    The Sultan grips tightly onto Pakistan, and although Pakistan is independent, the Sultan has a suspiciously heavy influence.

    Talks about the invasion of Libya are underway, as well as the take over of Yemen and Oman.
  6. Libya has collapsed under Italian attack.
    The USSR has come to a terrible conclusion: It has Oil.
    The Fascists now have a reliable, powerful source of Oil.
    The USSR must make sure Sweden does not fall, but once again (you get the drill), infighting stops any real progress.
  7. The Sunayyad doesn't appreciate Italy taking over Libya, and thus strengthens their hold on Sicily and their factories in Italy. If Italy decides to take back Sicily or take back those factories, the Sunayyad has every right to take over Libya.

    Italy's fascist ideals do not align with the majority Sunni Muslim population at all. Libya protests and riots by vandalizing and stealing Italian military equipment and storage in the region. Italian forces oppress them with force by fighting them. The only way to keep Libya moderately under control is by keeping their religious freedom free, yet the Muslim genocide in Italy a few years before does not help with anything, Italy's only use in Libya is for the resources, trying to keep them happy is like killing Santa and then expecting his elves to work for you.
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  8. And yet the low population density of Libya works for the Fascists. While the Libyans protest, it is problematic because the population means Italy can easily control it.
    Italy's operations of fuel extraction are in full swing.
  9. How do you win World War 2? (reposted so fallout reads) OOC GUIDE, MODIFY AS NEEDED
    You've been dealt a bad hand. Admittedly, the Caliphate has it worse but at least it has allies.
    You need 4 major resources to win wars. There are other, minor resources, 3 of which are worth covering.
    • Iron and Steel: You have none of this. Germany gets the Steel from imports. Invade Sweden WHEN THE WAR BEGINS, it might anger the Socialists but they're too busy infighting anyhow and the Baltic Federation will be too weak to resist.
    • Oil: Italy will invade Libya soon. They will be able to take the Oil there. The Caliphate might be able to take it away from you, so you should develop Romania's Oil fields. It won't be enough, but it'll delay the inevitable and buy you time to attack Iraq or something (Iraq is the only viable nation, Saudi Arabia and Iraq are both non-starters)
    • Coal: You have it. No problems.
    • Food: France has rich farmlands. No problems.
    • Rubber: Synthesize it, begin research as soon as Italy gets the Libyan oil fields. Which is now.
    • Copper: Attack Poland and annex it. It's a temporary fix at best, but the best one you've got. You could try and trade with the Federation, but the formidable SEU Navy will definitely make it problematic.
    • Bauxite (Aluminum): Invade Greece and annex it. It has minor Bauxite reserves, maybe not enough to sustain a long war but enough for a while.
    How to deal with each faction?
    • Socialists: Keep them fighting each other. If they unite, you are doomed. The thing is, these guys have all four of the above resources, unlimited manpower and can fight a war indefinitely. You cannot, so keep them fighting each other and not you. First target, try for a peace agreement.
    • Caliphate: Deal with them conventionally. Roll over them with troops; they are less dangerous than the Socialists and definitely the less powerful faction out of your two enemies.
  10. The SNE starts modernizing ships in their fleet, with their old ships, such as Bismarck class ones, being updated to the newest 17inch guns. Other ships speed and armor are being modified to be modern.

    Construction of another war ship, though expensive, will start in 5 posts.

    The SNE needs resources, so to fix this after the invasion of France is completed, the plan is to invade other countries for other vital resources. Conquering is the only solution. Rubber production, for the sake of the army, is starting. This forces people to work overtime to help out on every aspect of the war. Wages increase to prevent strikes
  11. You need to develop 17-inch guns first.
    This will effectively neutralize any advantage in speed that they have may had. Don't upgun the ships, just modernize the Battleships.
    Develop an independent class of 17-inchers.
  12. The Sultan sends a disturbing message to Italy through a strange lockbox, one which was stolen from the Vatican which was then filled with shattered and bent gold crosses, in the box is a note. The note reads...

    "Dear Mussolini, we know you need oil, and we know that we already have more than enough,
    but if you don't leave Libya I'm afraid my dear friend that we'll have to take it over ourselves.
    Oh yeah, remember when we stole 70% of your Treasury before we left?
    Yeah, you're heavily in debt right now, if it wasn't for your petty
    Catholic allies you would probably be in worse condition than the Western Roman Empire was, hah!
    Also, all of us here in Sunayyad hope you enjoy
    looking out your window and seeing that the Vatican City isn't there anymore!
    Burning it down was our pleasure, and killing your silly pope was great!
    So here's a sweet message from us to you!
    Get out of Libya now.

    Ok Bye! Sorry to interrupt your spaghetti meal! Oh, also we almost forgot, we're shutting down all Italian owned factories and mines in Sicily and bringing in Middle Eastern Companies,
    If you don't get your ass out of Libya soon we'll have to
    call your mommy to get you for you!
    Or actually, we'll just kill you all.
    Have fun!"
    -Sincerely, Sunayyad Caliphate's prized ruler, Sultan Abiwa
  13. Italy bluntly says "no".
    If the Entirety of Western Europe and the Caliphate collide, the Caliphate has a fair chance of losing. Italy has no desire (and SNE shouldn't either) have any desire of losing their Oil reserves. Seriously, Italy is supplying every non-USSR aligned European Nation with Oil and every single one of them are going to declare war on the Caliphate if they try to take over Libya. Needless to say, it will be an absolute disaster for the Caliphate. The USSR is too busy fighting itself to respond, because India wants to assist the Fascists and SEU doesn't. Italy, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece think: What a good idea it will be to take back Sicily!
  14. Just for fun: Battleship Aesthetics:
    Zheng He-Class Battleships: Ugly. But still good sea boats, and fast.
    Revolution and Java-Class Battleships: Good sea boats, maneuverable, fast. Workmanlike.
    Yi Sun-Shin-Class: Massive floating fortresses in every sense of the word. Monstrous, powerful. Fast, but bad at maneuverability due to their monstrous size.
  15. The Sultan decides to invade Oman and Yemen at the same time. The only problem is they both want to be Independent... This will be bloody, very bloody.
    Results in 5 posts.
  16. While the Caliphate is off fighting wars with Oman and Yemen, the SEU finally agrees to help the Fascists at the threat of an Indian invasion. War would be suicide for both nations (both too powerful), so SEU agrees to send a couple Battleships and Aircraft Carriers to help. SEU has a large Navy of Destroyers and Heavy Cruisers as well as Capital ships, and they have decided to use it.
    The Fascists have invaded Sicily with a large coalition army. The Caliphate Navy attempts to defeat the Naval blockade, but the portion of the SEU Navy and the Italian Navy combined proves formidable. However, the SEU is not enthusiastic whatsoever and has "accidentally" opened fire on the Italians more than once. In addition, they are assisting the Caliphate indirectly.
  17. so...?
  18. The SNE still continues to update their navy, the HMS Furious 47 is getting modernized (Bismarck class). Also new, more powerful guns are being created, 16". Also the HMS Hood (Admiral class) is getting major updates to prepare for a war, which is bound to come.

    The expensive, yet powerful battleship, the HMS Vanguard is being built. This beast of a ship is fast and powerful, fastest in the Royal Navy. It's in the King George V class, a unique class with only the Vanguard.
    The ship is planned to have twin 15" gun (planned to be 16" when upgraded), 40mm AA guns and smaller 5.25"guns.The armor is thick and strong. Up to 14"! It can also travel at a max speed of 30 knots per hour.

    This is going to be expensive and because of this one and ONLY one will be made. This will make the SNE low on capital, but it will be worth it.

    The 16" guns will be ready in 1 1/2 years, and this ship will be finished and fully upgraded in 2.
  19. SEU's ambitious goals are yielding returns. Agriculture, Industry, all of these sectors are undergoing tremendous growth. India is doing the same.
    However, this has resulted in more than a few problems. Namely, all these improvements came at the cost of the military. In addition, leadership struggles between multiple factions of the single-party government (even when these factions run their own candidates for the Presidency and Congress, and are effectively different parties) such as the Pan-Eurasian Socialists, the Social Communists, as well as the Muslim Socialists.
    Each are backed by a major ethnic group and a charismatic leader. The Pan-Eurasian Socialists are the oldest, and was once led by "H". However, since the Founder's disappearance and only showing his presence once thereafter to berate the Indians and SEU on their mistakes, this party has been replaced with several new leaders, resulting in inefficiency due to significant infighting. However, it is still the largest bloc. The Social Communists are led by Joseph Stalin, successor of Lenin. Lenin and the Founder were good friends, even if their ideals differed slightly. However, Stalin is very different from Lenin, and has a different vision for the SEU.
    And then there are the Muslim Socialists, backed mostly by Indonesians. They want a Secular State, and friendlier relations with the Caliphate. They dislike the anti-religion stance of the SEU.
    These factions are constantly fighting each other.