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  1. The year is 1945, and World War II has just ended. Throughout the course of the war, the axis and ally powers were unable to win until they temporarily unified with neighboring countries, which lead to the victory of the allies. Now, the war has left many countries financially crippled - and the unification formed between countries during the war has become permanent. The world has become a world of...
    (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for eye strain caused by the colour of the text)

    Alright, so now that you have some background on how this all came to be, lets give you some problems you'll face;
    • Tensions between other nations
    • Government policies
    • Natural disasters
    • Man-Made disasters
    • More disasters
    • War
    • A bunch of other things you can invent and stuff.
    Let's get onto some rules...

    1. No flame wars (as in somebody bans religion, you don't argue with them. Go declare war, or something. Teach them a lesson without any actual "omg y did u do that im going to hunt u down bro and stb u in ur slep. Note: I have not actually seen that threat used anywhere yet, especially with those pro grammar skillz, but there's always a first for everything, right?)

    2. War is turn based. Any violations of that rule, and you will automatically the lose the war. Do it again and your nation will be wiped off the map.)

    3. Scientific research takes time. It cannot be completed in a single post - you must wait atleast three posts to complete a project.

    4. A nation can only consist of 3 countries. (Or, you know, what was a country before the time divergence happened in this game).

    5. Anything else you people see fit, suggest it to me and if I deem it necessary for the balance of the game i'll add it here.
    And now onto nation applications. And of course; i'll be using mine as an example.
    Name: Caspernas
    Countries its made up of: The United Kingdom (includes Ireland), Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
    Government Policies: Abortion is legal upon two doctor's approval, schools emphasize on evolution, and parents receive maternity + paternity leave with pay.
    Go fill out the application, and hopefully have fun. I'll add a map soon.

    New Nations 2: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/forum-game-new-nations-2.48904/
  2. Name: Bethesda

    Countries its made up of: US of A, Canada, Greenland

    Government Policies:

    - Extreme Research into computers and their uses

    - Vigilantism is legal, provided that the vigilante never kill, and have evidence to back up every bit of his actions.

    - Annual Survival Games (Based on Knockout Techniques not death)

    - Adaptive Strong Central Government

    - Watchful Borders System

    - Government Overwatch (Meaning a group of respected, nominated and elected public people watch government actions alongside the Supreme Court)

    (Some of these are more traits than policies but whatever,)
  3. You're in. Also whenever I hear/see Bethesda, all I can think of is the Welsh mountain range xD

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  4. Screw you for taking the best countries... Now I need to try find some other good ones...
  5. You can have Australia, New Zealand, others... :p
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  6. Does the Soviet Union count as one nation...?
  7. Name: Porphira

    Countries its made up of: Svalbard and Iceland

    Government Policies:
    Education is mandatory
    First Degree of Theft=Probation [N1]
    Second Degree of Theft=Exile [N2]
    Third Degree of Theft=Death
    Strict Neutrality
    No military
    Police force is militarized
    Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited

    Population Laws:
    People will be organized into medium/small villages based off of family and ethnicity
    Max Population [N3]

    Economic Structure: Communism/Capitalism blend
    All food and goods produced by a village will be given to the local government of that village to be distributed by the government based off of family size/needs and completion of the provider(s) job. All left over goods will be either stored for emergencies or traded on the national market for different goods. People will be payed extra separately depending on their occupation. All extra money may be spent on extra food and non essential items such as luxuries. People may start their own businesses, but they will be monitored by local and national government. People not working for businesses will be provided with a job provided by the government based off of skills. [N4]

    Notes (N):
    [N1] Probation is a temporary sentence to hard labor camps and the loss of citizenship rights. If they are a provider for a family, the family will be given the necessities but will be denied many of the privileges of full payment.
    [N2] Exile is the permanent sentence to hard labor camps and the loss of citizenship. They will be permanently cut off from their family. The family must provide a new income if possible. (Note: Second Degree of Theft is awarded to very serious crimes)
    [N3] Villages may not over populate past their ability to feed everyone. If overpopulated, a new village will form elsewhere and the previous village's population will be split and one of the groups will be relocated. (Note: housing is provided in all villages by the government, and people will not be transferred unless there is housing and infrastructure available at that time.)
    [N4] People applying for a job provided by the government are allowed to choose a job from a list of suggestions provided.
  8. Name: Gautama
    Countries its made up of: India, China, Mongolia
    Government Policies:
    Outsources its labor force.
    Practices Buddhist teachings in model of the asokan empire.
    militarized police force but no standing army.
  9. In this game, things like the British Empire and the Soviet Union have been destroyed :p But you could take Finland, Russia, etc.
    In :D
    In :D
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  10. Name: friesland

    Countries its made up of: Holland (the Netherlands) Germany and Belgium

    Economical information: the economie of friesland is heavenly based on there trading skills, most cargo they trade is shiped in ships.

    Other Notes:
    Friesland has good knowledge of how to secure areas of the water and keep them secure. That is because a province called leeuwarden is mostle under the sea level, but with the help of dykes <-- dont know how to spell that in corect english
    Friesland has free Healtcare, wich means all citicens have to pay a small amount of taxes to keep the Healtcare up.

    (hope this gets accepted, also I used some already existing names of things (friesland is acctually a province of Holland, and leeuwarden is the capital of that province :D, thought i would just share that, because if that isnt allowed i will change the names.)
  11. Name: Australasia
    Countries its made up of: Australia, New Zealand, Indoneasia.
    Government Policies: Only one extreme centre party is in power. Abortion and gay marriage are legal. Military spending is high and all citizens must serve 1 year in the military when they turn 18.
  12. Porphira begins research on geothermal energy plants in Iceland (10 posts)
    Porphira begins building 2 ship yards (20 posts)
    If this is to short, just tell me.
  13. ((thats probly too long the op says three posts to finish research))
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  14. What's up with the map? Kazakhstan and Russia are one country, yet Ukraine isn't part of it. Fix the map for clarity, then I shall play. :p
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  15. Better? :D
  16. ((volt wants to play borat in kazakstan))
  17. I'm curious about taking Russia/the Soviet Union, actually. The nuclear arsenal and all that.
  18. ((they wouldnt have a nuclear arsenal yet ww2 just ended))
  19. Fiiiine, the capability of making a nuclear arsenal in the future. :rolleyes:
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  20. May I join a country?