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  1. It is the beginning of January 1946: World War II, the war to end all wars, finished almost eight months ago. The world's nations are on the brink of collapse, just as the last remaining Empires have - they must band together and form unions to survive. Some are large; some are small. They are all after resources, but not all of them agree with eachother. Will the world's powers form a shining, Utopian planet? Or will they collapse and crumble, leaving behind them an irreparable 'Snowball Earth'?

    The Rules:
    Aside from your normal EMC rules, the rules of this game are:
    • No flame wars.
    • War is TURN-BASED. Any violations of this 'turn-based' war system will result in your country being wiped off the map.
    • Research takes time. You cannot complete the building of, say, a hydrogen bomb in a single post - small projects can take a minimum of three posts, medium-sized can take a minimum of 6, large can take a minimum of 9, and extra large (the hydrogen bomb would fall under this category) projects can take a minimum of 12.
    • Nations are restricted to FOUR COUNTRIES. You can expand them by another four after you begin your game - however, they must already be a satellite state of yours, or you have taken time to 'integrate' them. Nations are also limited to four satellite states at once - unions can have as many as they want, currently.
    • Two pages = One in-game year.
    • No ridiculous things are allowed. For example: doing a manned moon landing in the year 1948 is not acceptable.
    • Have a suggestion for a new rule? Suggest it to me!
    And now for the application form:
    Name: New Kalmar
    Participating Countries: The United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
    National Language: English, with the remaining Scandinavian languages and Welsh regarded as 'secondary languages'.
    Government Policies: Democratic, there is no form of religious education, schools teach evolution, abortion and gay marriage are perfectly legal, and they wish to become a huge innovator of science in the years to come and set forth a new 'industrialization'.

    Taken Countries:
    • The United Kingdom
    • Norway
    • Sweden
    • Denmark
    • Germany
    • Poland
    • Ukraine
    • Russia
    • China
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • The United States of America
  2. New Kalmar has created the 'European Commonwealth'. Countries part of the Commonwealth note the following terms:
    • If a member state is attacked by another nation, all remaining member states are to devote their entire military force to the defending country. Once the opposing nation is driven out, it is each individual member state's decision to declare war on the attacker.

    • By joining the Commonwealth, you agree to abide by the rules set forth by the countries on the Higher Council - currently consisting of New Kalmar.
    • Unless you have strict permission from the Higher Council and have solid reasoning (you are fighting a war, contributing to a large-scale scientific innovation, etc.), resources you own must be distributed equally to other Commonwealth member nations.
    To join, simply be a part of the European continent in some way (if your country belonged to one of the European Empires, you may only join if the Empire's owner-country is a part of the Commonwealth) - an invitation will apply to you and you only have to accept it. In cases in which you wish to decline, please say so.

    All suggestions made by member nations are welcomed with open arms.

    To join the Higher Council: Be a part of the Commonwealth, and ask to join the Higher Council. The current member states of the Higher Council will then decide the outcome of your proposal.


    Light Blue = Member States
    Dark Blue = Satellite States (can be claimed by other, new players)
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  3. *bumpabumpaboompa*
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  4. You, taking all the good Scandinavian countries:p
    Name: Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics
    Participating Countries: Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Russia
    National Language: Soviet, a new language made up of German, Polish, and Russian words. Uses the Russian alphabet, with new sounds and letters.
    Government Policies: Power is controlled by the Communist Party of the Soviet Republics, which chooses four leading Communists from the party, and lets the people elect one to be the leader. The one with the most votes gets to be the Premier. The government is Atheist, although uses mainly secular policies, and allows for a tiny free-market, which only consists of businesses run by one person and their family. Has many civil rights, medium political rights, and near none economic rights.
    Anyway, quick history trivia section because I feel like making a little backstory:
    After Stalin was poisoned by a unknown official from the Communist Party who thought Stalin was insane, the Union reformed and became more democratic. It also "annexed" the rest of Germany, plus Poland became not only a satellite, but an SSR.
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  5. New Kalmar would like to extend an offer to join the European Commonwealth for the USSR.
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  6. OOC: Sorry, was at school.
    The USSR accepts.
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  7. Name: Sebia
    Participating Countries: The United States of America, Canada, Australia and China
    National Language: English throughout. China is adjusting to make it the national language
    Government Policies: Based around the choice of the people. Leading the way in science, technology and war which are the main 3 targets for Sebia as a whole.
    Sebia requests permission to join the European Commonwealth.
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  8. As Australia and Canada were previously members of the British Empire, whose owner country is a member state of New Kalmar, Sebia is allowed to join the European Commonwealth.
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  9. So was America :p Canada and Australia are part of the commonwealth
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  10. I know it was, but it got independence 200+ years before the events of this game :p

    New Kalmar would like the agreement of all three of its members to make Mongolia a sort of 'satellite state' of the European Commonwealth. Laws would be proposed and agreed upon by all three member states, and all three would have a small amount of military power enforced there.

    Since the country is now wedged between two nations (both of which are European Commonwealth members), it isn't in a very strategic/worthwhile location. If anybody would still like to claim it, they can - and all Commonwealth power enforced there will be removed :)
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  11. Sebia launchs an attack on Africa. Eastern parts will be attacked by Australia and China's units, while the Western parts will be taken attacked by America and Canada.

    The following Eastern countries will be taken:
    • Madagascar
    • Mozambique
    • Tanzania
    And the following Western countries:

    • Namibia
    • Angola
    • Congo
    • Gabon
    This will take a total of 6 turns due to African countries having little to no defence.

    Sebia agree to this. If the USSR doesn't want to get involved then Sebia will happily take Mongolia.
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    Just to keep it fair: These countries will become satellite states of both the European Commonwealth and Sebia. These satellite states can still be taken by other players if they wish :)
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  12. New Kalmar has begun the production of multiple oil rigs in the Atlantic Ocean, which will all be complete by the beginning of 1947. A new private organization has been invested in by the New Kalmarian Government; 'The New Kalmar Space Agency'. It focuses on, at the moment, building a plane fast enough to break the sound barrier, and is currently drawing up plans to launch things into space using Nazi rocket blueprints they have recovered.

    Throughout New Kalmar, there has been public talk of giving New Kalmar its own nuclear bomb, like the Americans used in the war. Many people are against it. Following this, the government have announced that they will not arm themselves with nuclear weapons at any point in the near future, and have also announced they are strongly opposed to other nations using them.
  13. ((I plan on joining when I get home. But until then I would like to see a list of what is taken and what is not if possible :) ))
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  14. Updated OP :3
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  15. The Soviet government also makes a space program, which recieves fairly large funding. It's plan is to use satellites to broadcast radio messages, and to also send a animal into space, then a human, then a unmanned moon mission. After that, a manned moon mission is planned to take place, although this is nothing more than a hopeless dream at this point. Using their own captured Nazi designs, they plan to modify them.

    Work begins on copying German jet fighter designs to make a new fleet of planes for the Red Air Force(4 posts)
    Work begins on a Autobahn system around the western parts of the nation(10 posts)
    Work begins on a Passenger railway system for the west(10 posts)

    The Communist Party declares to not develop nuclear devices, as they feel fire-bomb raids would work efficiently enough.(Think american raids on japan, apart from with a much larger air force and jet bombers.)
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  16. OOC: Could I run Egypt and Portugal as puppet states if I managed to have a far-leftist Egyptian take power in Egypt, and a left-wing coup in Portugal? Both would have Soviet "assistance" in taking power.
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  17. Sebia successfully took the African countries listed here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/forum-game-new-nations-2.48904/#post-881712 - beacuse I want them, I have taken them completely and will control them without EC intervention.

    I have also updated the map to reflect the latest updates to the game:

    Sebias next plans are to begin creation of new units. These units involve:
    • Attack units (3 turns in total):
      • American bomber
      • American tank
    • Defence units (3 turns in total):
      • Anti-air turrets
      • Underwater cannons around the coast of each country.
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  18. As the Game Master, I'm not going to allow you to do that :p

    The EC-intervention thing was put in place to give new players a chance to claim the countries they want and for 'balancing'. Once the game has a 'stable' amount of players, I may allow the EC-intervention thing to be withdrawn.

    You may run them as 'European Commonwealth' satellite states, for the reasons stated above, but have the bigger say in things :)

    New Kalmar has acquired the 'New Kalmar Space Agency' and renamed it to 'The Ministry of Space'. The city of London in England has become the capital of New Kalmar, also. Mass rebuilding efforts are taking place in all four New Kalmarian states. Rebuilding will be complete by 1948.
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