[FORUM GAME KINDA] Embarrassment...

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  1. So. Uhm. I can't help but think about my horribly stupid first couple of posts >.< It's so embarrassing, oh god, I was so stupid... *punches self in face* oww.... anyway, everyone has had those reallllllyyyy bad posts, where you look back and go through a cringe attack... *gets 9,001 cringe attacks* sooo.... let's make ourselves look stupid as possible!

    your profile > postings > find all content > last page possible (You might have to click on "show older items" if you have enough posts)
    If that gets too long, you can always try going to threads you follow, it's easier to find them there.

    *goes to get stupid post*
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  2. Most of my early posts in the LLO thread are cringeworthy...

    I'm not sure I can be bothered to look through the first 50 pages though... :p

  3. god, so bad...
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  5. This is a current embarrassment, I don't change my profile picture enough anymore..
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  6. Little Gabe :p
    *finds more embarrassment*
  7. Click on "View Post" to fully understand
  8. Don't you bring up my dark and sad past.

    I regret doing that...
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  9. Me first post here
    I joined at 1.1 wow.
  10. I tried to find something embarrassing but I couldn't. It's probably somewhere in the middle, there.
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  12. Uh, I was surprisingly not too noobish when I first used the forums, just a bit silly.
    I still to this day am surprised it takes that much to make a floor...