Choongjae's banking! :D

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  1. An alternative to vaults! My banking services will provide for you a d/c to store items in, if I run out of room, I will have to use the same d/c for different peoples items. Don't worry! I won't lose 'em! Hopefully! :D
    My services cost 1 rupee per 2 days! Notify me whilst i'm online, and pay me the 1 rupee for me to get you an account!
    To insert things into my bank, notify me when i'm online, and we will meet at my bank, hand me the items, and I will insert the items inside the selected chest for you. :D
    If you don't pay a rupee in the 2 day period, you will have 1 day to retrieve your items, which you just contact me whilst i'm online. If I aren't online on your expiration date, it'll count as if your expiration date starts when i'm online! (So basically, if i'm not online when you want to retrieve expired items, it won't expire!)
    If, for some reason you decide your going to let me store a full d/c of dirt and let it expire, well, it won't be tolerated. :mad:
    So, come on down to smp6, and ask me about banking! :D
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  2. I decided to start my parkour course reign! :D
    This parkour course is a easy mode course, and I made a little video! :) (Took 20 tries! :()
  3. Sorry, we don't allow player banks. Too much chance for abuse / stealing.
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  4. Interesting, if I can't have a player bank, what can I change it into that would fit the style?
  5. A shop or suppliers shop would be best if you want to make rupees
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  6. Hmm.. I already own a shop, so what is a suppliers shop?
  7. Bulk selling items to other stores
  8. Try a storage centre. Have people pay for a x amount of chests for them to store items in.

  9. I used to run one on smp5 well I still kinda do but making R is low on my list nowadays :)