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If you won this auction or bid on it, would you bid on Splash potions or Non-Splash Potions?

Poll closed Jul 20, 2013.
Splash 8 vote(s) 42.1%
Non-Splash 3 vote(s) 15.8%
I would be okay with both or one or the other. 8 vote(s) 42.1%
  1. I am going to do an auctions for lots of potions, DC's of then to be exact. I was wondering if you, as potential bidders, would most likely bid on splash potions or non-splash potions.

    Also, I would like to know if you would like me to include harmful potions too.

    Please vote on the poll and comment so I can get the most feedback.


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  2. You could better not put this in community auctions but rather in marketplace discussion, cause now people can't edit their post and the community auctions section is ment only for running auctions.

    For your question, I voted splash, and then harmful potions are also useful.
  3. Harmful potions can be used for grinders, or hand to hand combat with mobs.
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  4. thanks, but how do i move a thread?
  5. Harming potions don't deal damage to undead.
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  6. Blaze. :p
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  7. You can private message a moderator or click the report button on the original post.
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  8. You would have to contact a moderator that's online on the forums via PM to ask them to move it :)
  9. Moved for you. :)
  10. How can u bid
  11. The Auction hasn't started yet. I was just getting some feedback.
  12. Thanks