who do you think this is (read the whole thread)

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  1. i have this
    picture and i want you to guess who it is dont say on thread only after i say okbecause not many people know who it is!. who am i.jpg
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  2. I know him -.- It's Notch the God of MC!!!!!!
  3. If anyone doesn't know who this is then I'm very disapointed.
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  4. Can I give a hint? :p
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  5. Chaplin, loads of years later? :confused:

  6. yes this...
  7. hmmmmm, i wonder who it could be :rolleyes:
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  8. I sincerely hope you actually know. Ok here's a hint. Think mine con guys!
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  9. looks familiar...
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  10. If you play Minecraft you should know who he is...
  11. XD do you guys think i should say who it is?
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  12. That's Yukon1200 and one of his crazy hats. How'd it miss the Show Yourself 2.0 thread?:rolleyes:
  13. its not!
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  14. u guys want it its notch!!!!!!!!! did you not know that!
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  15. Anyone who plays Minecraft KNOWS who that is. We all knew the whole time.
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  16. You're really good at picking up on sarcasm, aren't you!
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  17. no im talking about people who dont actually know because just yesterday i said someone could have the diamond we found and i gave him an iron pick and he mined it wiht stone!!
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  18. .......What does this have to do with Notch?
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  19. And how does that relate to the picture?
    EDIT: Haha Panda, we keep saying the same stuff!
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  20. alright now im good but i swear people were watching that and wondering who it was but not answering