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  1. Hey guys,

    Just had an idea a couple of days ago that may be applicable on the server.
    Obviously Justinguy has already done the greatest things any server owner could possibly do but of course more features are added every now and then so I wanted to suggest one.
    The one I was thinking about is enabling hostile mob spawns at your own residence.
    Of course there are problems to be dealt with like:
    What will happen if the mobs go off of your property?
    What if a creeper blows up and destroys someone else's residence?

    Well of course to problems there are always solutions (especially in minecraft :p)
    So maybe before enabling such a feature on somebody's residence you would have to check to see if they have a 3 high obsidian wall maybe. Or maybe mobs can be automatically killed when about to leave the owners residence without dropping anything. You can post more solutions in the thread if you have one guys.

    Of course such a feature with so many advantages should come very costy. I was thinking somewhere in the 5000-50000 range.

    Thanks guys,
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  2. so yeah guys please read this so maybe justinguy will read it too thanks
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  3. The big reason we don't have mobs in Town is the SMP balance. We are setup to have a very normal MC experience in the Wilderness. And also have the protected benefits of Town (a great balance). Allowing mobs to spawn in your residence would allow people to create huge grinders with zero risk.
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  4. Including the no damage will be dealt to you and if this was in 1.2 and you had a zombie spawner.. free iron items for you ( from ingots to tools to weapons ) Skeletons = arrows and bows
  5. i miss snow golems in the city though.
  6. Snow golems would roam around town and could possibly put snow on someone else's resident and they might not like it...
  7. thnaks for reading this guys
    i understand now why it would cause too many problems
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  8. No problem :) and I am sure JustinGuy loves it when people post about new ideas to make EMC a better place ^_^
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  9. JustinGuy I know this isn't about the thread and all but remember when we ( you ) had the arenas? and it was on their own server? maybe if you added it into town or made a new world + portal to there it would get a lot more people. I do miss them and how they were so much fun + hard :)