[Forum Game] I Remember When.....

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I thought this would be a fun idea for a game, and I think about it a lot...

    This can be from EMC, to real life, or anything you want, and remember to follow EMC Rules.

    I will start off with one i thought of last night while making a snack;

    I remember when....
    you would get a bag of Microwave Popcorn and the bag would fill up fully, but now is 1/3 full haha,
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  2. I remember when... diamonds were 35 rupees a piece... :p
  3. I remember when... Diamonds where 25r per hehe
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  4. I remember how terrible 1.8 and below boats were.
  5. Ah, I was around then too, but way too dumb and young to know anything :p (it was almost 5 years ago, which is quite a substantial part of my total age... :p)

    I also remember when I said to my friend to only buy diamonds for 44 rupees or less... :p
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  6. I remember when games where so much cheaper, now its like they are going up so much... Good old days :D
  7. I remember when there was so much fishy marriage when I get onto Smp8
  8. I Remember the time Aikar invaded FNM and spawned a metric ton of bosses
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  9. I remember when the original Power Rangers movie came out in theaters.
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  10. i remember when i wuz just born

    o w8 that was yesterday
  11. i remember when i first joined. all those ppl! :eek: didn't knew if i should run off or stay :confused:

    SO glad i stayed, best server ever i think!
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  12. I'm remember when I actually enjoyed doing things.
  13. i remember when i started the server i made like 30 friend first week ( just saying that doesnt happen anymore XD)
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  14. I remember when the Nether didn't exist in Minecraft. (Prior to October 30, 2010)
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  15. I remember when 1.8 came out and we waited for forever and a day to be updated..... that taught me patience
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  16. i remember when dragon tombs were announced

  17. I remember when the most spoken languages on the EMC forums were English and Spanish, instead of English and Dutch.
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  18. I remember playing Twisted Metal as a kid on the Playstation when it came out :3
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  19. I remember when pistons weren't in minecraft jet, (before 2011, not that long ago)
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  20. I remember when we would think about what would happen if Super Mario Galaxy 2 were to exist.

    Also: ShelLuser would beat us all here, I hope he posts here soon ;)
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