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  1. Story
    Welcome to the world of Gallia. We made this world. But now... kinda to the north, then a little east, then... more north... lies a land (which, geographically located is kinda like Canada) that seems to have spread something. First, you feel sick. Then, you feel tired... of life. After, you just want to... do anything... and then... well, i'm not really sure what happens next, because then, its impossible to recover from it. We call the ones past recovery "Followers" or "Wanderers", depending if they are in packs. I recovered from the thing that's spreading, and others recovered too. It seems that some people are able to absorb the power and use it for themselves. But it gives you a terrible case of amnesia. I am the only one I have met that re-gained their memories of what happened before the virus. But others exist. Others must exist. They... Must...

    To find out your class, click here
    Don't like your result? Go here to pick your own! (Click show spoiler!)


    The Human
    Probably the most boring of races, humans think they're so great and powerful, when in reality, they're kinda weak. However they can do many things and blend in well anywhere, since they're so normal. Being a human gives you the opportunity for a quiet life with many possible skill choices.

    The Elf
    Tall and beautiful, the elves are the most desirable of the species. They are immune from natural death like disease, however knife wounds will pain them just as much as any other. They are born from the light and make their homes in the forests of Gallia, living in harmony with nature.
    Note: Your alignment must be Lightside to play as this race!

    The Orc
    Orcs were once elves. They lived like elves, hunted like elves, and played like elves. But darkness has overcome them, and they are no longer as they were. Orcs are large characters, who rarely stop to think about their actions.
    Note: Your alignment must be Darkside to play as this race!

    The Anima
    The Anima are a race of people who have harnessed the power of the wild. With the ability to transform into any animal, they can be as dangerous as a lion, or as loyal and loving as a puppy. Their animal forms tend to resemble their human forms, however this is not always the case.

    The Dwarf
    Dwarves are the people of the ground. Born underground, and sometimes saying there for their whole lives, they are one with the Earth. They can dig caves expertly, carving great structures and homes into mountainsides. They tend to have large amounts of strength, causing them to excel in combat.

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  2. Changelog
    +New Main Page! Thanks to AliceF3 for actually doing something with it, so it doesn't look like a quick re-colouring job (which it totally wasn't, guys)
    +Opened up application to become a storyteller! Check the OP for details!
    +Added Changelog to Post 3
    *Fixed font on morality stat on application
    +Added morality stat to application
    +Added Forum game to Forum
  3. Character Name: Rend
    Character Gender: Male
    Character Class:
    Character Race: Human
    Character Hometown (CrescentLight, Genesak, Golach): Golach
    Character Appearance (Describe or put picture. If Anima, describe/have a picture of both human and animal forms): Black hair, dark trench coat with an assortment of rings. He had dark brown boots, and gray jeans with his left arm being completely metal.

    Character Morality (Lightside, Darkside, Neutral): Lightside
  4. sorry, I forgot to put something in the application :/
    Character Morality (Lightside, Darkside, Neutral)
  5. Character Name: Sky
    Character Gender: Male
    Character Race: The Anima
    Character Hometown (CrescentLight, Genesak, Golach): CrescentLight
    Character Appearance: Early 20s, Average Height, Decently Fit, wears a hood to hide his face. Black clothing. Animal: Anaconda
  6. Character Name: Sonaria
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Class: Beastmaster
    Character Race: Anima
    Character Morality(Lightside, Darkside, Neutral): Lightside
    Character Hometown (CrescentLight, Genesak, Golach): Golach
    Character Appearance (Describe or put picture. If Anima, describe/have a picture of both human and animal forms): (will put picture later, but)
    Human - Young Teen, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
    Animal - Grey Wolf
  7. Fixed :)
  8. Character Name: I haven't decided, but for now call me 930o4.
    Character Gender: Male
    Character Class:
    Character Race: Anima
    Character Morality(Lightside, Darkside, Neutral): Neutral
    Character Hometown (CrescentLight, Genesak, Golach): Do I need to have been born in one of these three?
    Character Appearance (Describe or put picture. If Anima, describe/have a picture of both human and animal forms): Human: Dark blue eyes, black hair, around 2 meters in height, skinny. Average complexion, about 140 lbs. Wears dark clothing. Animal: Can the animal be one of your own creation or mythical?
  9. Character Name: Mitsukai
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Class: Angel
    Character Race: Elf
    Character Morality: Lightside
    Character Hometown: Golach
    Character Appearance:
  10. Will start the stories once my computer restarts (so in like 30mins)

  11. You wake up in a small room. There is a rope in your pocket. You are lying in a bed. There is a dresser to the right, a chair to the left and a door straight ahead.
    1 Rope
    You wake up in a small hole. You are in your animal form, and know that changing form will kill you. There seems to be a stone above your head. There is also some rocks, and a piece of string.
    I Wake up in a cell. I hear guards talking nearby.
    "Why even is she in here?"
    "She went crazy and clawed a guy"
    "Did I really?" I think
    I look around. There is a bed, and a toilet. I look in the toilet and find a sharp rock.
    "Time to get out of here." I think.
    "Hey! I need some help over here!" I yell
    The guards come.
    "What do you need?"
    "I need to..." I say, as i approach the bars.
    I grab a guard, stab him with the rock, steal his gun, shoot the other, and unlock my cell.
    "great, I've already killed two people. Off to a great start..."
    (Q1: No, this is just a starting place.)
    (Q2: It has to be similar enough to a real animal, and not OP. EG i could be a chocobo, but not a hydra.)
    You wake up inside a cabinet. There seems to be drawers inside it as well.[/quote]
  12. It seems to me that this is a very manly face
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  13. I examine the rocks for a hole.
  14. Mitsukai pushes the cabinet door open, and steps outside. She looks around, and sees that she is in a forest. Looking back, Mitsukai notices the drawers in the cabinet and try to open them. They all appear to be locked except for one, which she found a dagger and a bag of 50 gold in. She looks to see the sun was rising, and headed off North from there.

    (Did i do it right? :p)
  15. You find a small crack. "Maybe I could break it with something else later..."
    (Pretty good, although I was planning to put you in a building, and you can't really give yourself money :/, so i'll just assume you exited the cabinet and that's it, mkay? :3)
    As you emerge, you find yourself in a building. You are in a corridor. There is a left path, a right path, and a door.
  16. Mitsukai draws her dagger, crouches down, and starts heading to the path to the left.
  17. You arrive next to 2 doors, and a window.
  18. I get up and walk towards the dresser and rummage any supplies in it. I then inspect the chair
  19. (you're good, i was wondering if you'd look in the more hidden places)
    The dresser contains a thumb-tack and a knife. Under the chair, you find a spring and $1.25