[Forum Game] Fortunately; Unfortunately

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  1. One player posts a positive event (starting with "Fortunately,"), and the next player posts a negative event (starting with "Unfortunately,"). The player after them posts another positive event, which will again be contradicted by a negative event, thus beginning an endless cycle of events.


    Player 1: Susan bought a brand new television
    Player 2: Unfortunately, a thief stole it right after she left the store
    Player C: Fortunately, the thief was actually running a prank show
    Player D: Unfortunately, Susan used her gun to kill the thief before the prank was admitted


    1. Do not double post
    2. Try to avoid posting consecutive times in a row after somebody (This happens a lot and looks like you are trying to get your post count up)
    3. Ninjas are a problem. If you encounter one, use the last post to prevent confusion.
    4. You can not undo events
      1. Example:
        Player A: Unfortunately, Jack was then thrown out of a plane without a parachute
        Player B: Fortunately, Jack threw out the guy who pushed him instead and stayed on the plane.

    To kick it off...

    Jack recently won the lottery for $1,000,000!
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  2. Unfortunately, he went $2,000,000 into debt buying tickets.
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  3. Fortunately : his tax return covered the debt :p
  4. Unfortunately, the FBI got involved
  5. Fortunately: His brother in-law is the lead investigator.
  6. Unfortunately, he had a bad case of organization.
  7. Fortunately, he has somebody to organize stuff for him.
  8. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed everything
  9. fortunatly the fire didnt destroy everything
  10. Edit: Unfortunately, Jack lost his brother in the fire T_T

    Lol Ninjad! Fortunately, Steve in IT had electronic backups on a cloud
  11. Unfortunately he forgot his password
  12. Fortunately, his brother's will had the last remaining case information.
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  13. Unfortunately: The will states that all job/career related paperwork is to be destroyed bye an incinerator upon his death.
  14. Fortunately the last incinerator in the world blows up
  15. Fortunately, His sister hacked into the Holder of the Will and changed all the information, and deleted the old information....

    She then went over and burn down the FBI building....
  16. This thread is famous for ninjas

    Fortunately Jack owned the only incinerator in the area and deliberately blew it up with TNT
    Fortunately Jack owned a time machine and went back in time to stop the fire
  17. Unfortunately, the time machine was stolen before he could use it.
  18. Fortunately, Jack now had a nice story to tell his friends.
  19. Unfortunately, Jack's only friend is himself.
  20. Fortunately, one day from coming home from work, he came across a Magic Genie who granted him one wish...