Flying in the SMP servers, why aren't we allowed?

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  1. I started a build on my res, at center will be Satch tower, a really tall tower as the letters of my name will be spelled out in 9 block high letters.
    It would be a lot easier if i could fly instead of fall and run all the way back to the top.
    So I want to suggest that there can be a way to earn flight time on the smps through voting or another type of activity that helps EMC or the EMC community like support member rewards, say for instance Iron supporter gets 3 hours flight time, Gold gets 6 and Diamond gets 12. Heck even the 9th Easter egg in the tutorial could be 1 hour flight time, of course it would have to be very hard to find even harder than the 8th.
    Anyway just throwing it out there. I'm sure a lot of people would be happy with the chance to fly around their res every once in awhile to build or fix something.
  2. That's what utopia is for. Good idea nonetheless, but no.
  3. Its easier to just have Fly exclusive to Utopia and not in regular Smp's otherwise it'd be hard to tell at that point who was using a fly hack and not a perk.
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  4. EMC is doing its very best to stay a somewhat vanilla experience.

    Flying is not needed.
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  5. Exactly. This is SMP, not creative. I think things are cooler when you know they had to pillar around to place very block.
  6. Ask a SS to move your res to Utopia (while still being Gold Supporter)

    EDIT: Oh, and you must first claim a res there
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  7. When I need to build high towers and such, I use temporary tp signs to get up and down quickly. That might work for you as well?
  8. This is how I made my floating, mid-air FlareShop. Some people even came to visit me and tp up to me while I was building it so they could check it out! Fun times... xD (Before that, I only had 4 shop chests out at the front of my home, and they were just random items that weren't even somewhat helpful lmao)
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  9. Ok, first of all as the others have mentioned already: this idea has been suggested before. Numerous of times even, I did my homework a little more today: this suggestion even goes all the way back to September 2012. And in general players are against it.

    However, this idea has already been partially implemented as well so it's highly unlikely that EMC will extend on it even further. You can see for yourself by checking the already suggested ideas wiki page. Flying in town is already possible; however only on Utopia.

    But you weren't only suggesting: you also wanted to know why its not allowed. The semi-official answer is that EMC tries to be as close to vanilla gameplay as possible and flying would go against that. Aikar already thinks that flying on Utopia is stretching things a little as you can read here.

    My personal added opinion: allowing flight on the SMP's would also take away the specialty of flying on Utopia.

    So it's simple: if you want to fly while building something then you should get a residence on Utopia or get access to one (non-supporters who have build access on a Utopian residence can also use the flight ability).

    PS: If you want to learn more about those teleport signs which the others mentioned above then check out this wiki page.

    Hope this helps.
  10. Personally, I rather enjoyed falling 100 times whilst building my house recently, (not sarcasm :D) I have a Utopia res, but flying just makes things too easy. Temporary ladders on scaffolding helped me get back up, but I like the idea of using tpsigns.
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  11. I agree, that's why I never play creative mode. I'ts just too easy. Scaffolding is by far the best way to go, because you have a walking area to work from that can be easily removed later (dirt works best). Ladders are convenient, but only to a about 20 blocks high, anything higher then that I would definitely recommend using temp tpsigns to get up and down, then removing the signs later.
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  12. Remember, while building, you do have your res location you can set, as well as the /res loc set points as well.
    So, while building, if in fear of falling, use those to your advantage.

    Also... teleport signs...
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  13. You can also use dirt and break it when your done.
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  14. Aside from the various teleport methods, I like using carpets as scaffolding. They're as quick as blocks to tower up and even quicker to take down, since you only need to knock out the bottom carpet to take the whole tower down.
  15. Flying in town would also ruin all those parkour places. *fly for 1 second to get past an especially hard jump* *wins by cheating*

    ...nope *.*
    Takes the fun out of free parkour too. Knowing you can fly is just too tempting. Then you ruin the experience for yourself =P
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  16. This "flying" thing takes the Vanilla out of EMC
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  17. Great Idea, thanks for the tip.
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  18. Ok, I get it and understand. yeah it would take away from the vanilla. Thank you ShelLuser for your explanation. and to you others for your tips like the carpet one I'm going to have to give it a try as well as the teleport signs.
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