There should really be a plugin for optional flying

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  1. If flying was optional and it wasnt full creative this server would be excellent. Flying is the only thing its missing. Please add!!
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  2. you have no idea what that would do.
  3. MAYBE in the town. Maybe.
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  4. We is Vanilla Ice Cream! We dont want any Starwberry.
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  5. Vanilla ice cream and strawberry nomnom
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  6. Reads title. Dislikes idea already.

    Sorry, we're a survival server, not a creative one. Flying is from creative. If you want to fly, go play on one of the many creative servers. Even if it was optional, people who didn't want to fly would be at a huge disadvantage.
  7. Like Jack said. We are a survival server. If you would like to fly you'll have to join one of many creative servers out there.
  8. I like to think EMC of more a a frozen yogurt variety.
    Flying is not allowed anywhere.
    We don't want to turn EMC into some weird flavor :D
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  10. I wish their was a "Dislike" button.
  11. Dat song! dat group!
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  12. I wouldn't object if it was another use for the soon-to-be-obtainable dragon eggs though..
    (so you could trade it in for 10 minutes of flying in town, or maybe even just on your res)
  13. while that would be an ok idea it can pose a lot of problems with lag and other things
  14. Yeah, I can imagine that being the case
  15. And it'd stop us from finding the less than intelligent hackers that love to fly about town.
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  16. but vanilla and strawberry is no longer vanilla it is a wierd mix
  17. It does taste good tho
  18. Maybe it does but it doesnt look very nice