Flags are just annoying now

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  1. There's too many flags and not enough documentation.

    Today, I discovered a redstone flag. I've never heard of this flag before, and there was absolutely no documentation about it. Nothing on the wiki, and nothing under /help flags. And speaking of in game help, that should be updated now too, because it simply lists container, move, build and use. I have all of those, yet I can't modify the redstone on a friends res. The owner of a res now has to go through the tedious job of giving almost 10 flags to someone, if they want to be able to help on their res.

    We really need an admin flag or whatever, and make people accountable for giving that flag and offer no protection, just give them a warning. And for all of you who think Dragon Tombs should be rolled out first? I couldn't care less about DT, EMC is mainly about town, fix the issues with town first.
  2. I have the same issues...There are too many flags. There needs to be a wildcard flag or at least some structure to it (like build would cover use and redstone, because you need to use them a lot when you build).
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  3. I can't agree more, I don't want to spend 15 minutes giving one person flags.
  4. Also, a flag to let someone else give flags?
    If I want someone to build something on my res, and I trust them enough to outsource some work, why can't I let them set some flags themselves?
  5. That would actually be cool. I'm just worried about people giving randoms flags and then the moderators would have a hard time keeping track of those sorts of things (who gave who flags). Still, it is possible :p
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  6. I agree with this. There is so many flags its drives me crazy. I was doing a project with a friend and so I gave him all the flags. He was gonna try something with the anvils but for some reason he needed "Anvil Flag" to place them and use them. He had all the regular flags yet I still needed to add that one. I wish there was a flag to give out all. Like /res pset IGotYourNose all
  7. There is a way around that. Make the res owner accountable for giving the flags in the first place and anything that happens because of that, and staff simply have to lock threads from people complaining that their res was griefed, even though there were big warnings saying that they were responsible for what happened.
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  8. YES YES YES I have wasted so much time giving all my friends flags on my res to work on the mega mall I'm building it would be much easier if I could just give them a flag that would allow them to give theme selves flags also a flag flag which would give a person all flags would be good to.
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  9. I've PM'ed Aikar I hope he does something.
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  10. I just thought of an amazing idea to give multiple flags to a person quickly.

    An image for every single flag would be listed in the 'available flags' section, a user could then select a member, and then drag a number of flags over to the boxes under the player's name.
  11. I think your on to something
  12. that is an amazing idea :D
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  13. Would this be activated by a command?
  14. Is that even possible to do in Minecraft?
    1. This would take a lot of time...
    2. It's a lot easier to do on paint or something then doing it on Minecraft

    I've never seen this modification in Minecraft before
  15. It's possible. You'll often see it on minigames or PvP servers where you can select games or kits or whatever through an inventory interface.
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  16. I also would like a single flag that gave a player all flag accesses.

    As for 'admin' flag? Why do admin not have global access to a res anyway? Seems common sense to me, moderators too.

    I found all the info I need on flags from the wiki. But then I've worked with flags and permissions from many other plugins before, and am now very confident I can figure out any system pretty easily.

    Having said that, EMC definitely needs better user friendly documentation for flags. However, it's entirely likely that the system will change to something more user friendly soon anyway, with the new protection system coming out. So maybe there's a reason they haven't made documentation changes?

    May I suggest a 'tool' to change flags on a res. click the tool, brings up a selection menu (like colored wools in a chest) that when clicked would turn flags on and off. And one-click ability to turn on/off all flags.
    The tool could be used on a player to set flags for that player, (or even right-click player name from chat?), but otherwise will ask for player name when 'used'.
  17. oh there you go. someone put up a visual of something like i said already. :)
  18. No matter how annoying they get, the flags are there for our own protection. If you wanted to give people the use flag for doors, they could take your minecarts. That's where the minecart flag comes in. They just help you limit people's permission down to only the things you want to give them permission for.
  19. This is currently not possible with the way that servers can not make custom GUIs like that. However, it is very possible that someone can make such a client side mod that can have that GUI and automatically send the appropriate command.
  20. ^ Love this.
    It couldn't look like this however, it'd be like /promo. :p