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  1. Now we are getting off topic, and your childish attacks on me are making me... antsy. So Back to the topic:

    A Working Model for the Town System in Wild:
    • Towns in the wild will be 60x60, just like the regular town.
    • THIS could be the perk for subscribers - Only subscribers being able to found a town.
    • Town applicants must have a full society already (No less than 12 members)
    • THe Town will be split up into equal plots following a pattern inside the 60x60 grid.
    • Moderators will approve or deny any town application.
    • A Moderator, or admin (whoever has the power to do so) Will set up the inital town/plots, giving people the flags they have in the normal own (Minus some of the things that would cheat wild, such as spawning animals from eggs, vault etc.)
    • As in town, Plots and the 60x60 grid would be protected down to bedrock, keeping anybody from tunneling under and "Griefing" the town.
    • THe town "Mayor" and/or the community would pay a fee to set up the town. Say, 200k or so.
    • A Town must be no less than 5k blocks away from any portal, and 1k blocks away from any other town.
    • All smaller plots within the 60x60 plot would retain all protective flags, such as container, and the "Mayor" Would have no special access to any flags.
    • A wall could/probably should be erected around the town, with light enough growing outward to prevent mobs from spawning.
    • I would suggest turning mob damage in town on, if it isnt already.
    • Animal farms would have to be done outside the Town, since eggs wont spawn them in the town, which I think is a fair compromise
    • In the chance that a person wants to leave, their plot would be unclaimed, and somebody else would be able to claim it as part of the community
    • THe 10 day inactivity for a plot would apply.
    That's all I can think of. I dont have excel on this computer, or I would make a grid to show you all.
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  2. I wish there were a "I like this a lot" button...

    That's a damn good start at the idea. It needs refinement, sure; but yeah; it could work. It'd be a whole new dimension to the game; something we need.

    I kinda founded a town, on SMP9 at "The End" - I built an enderman grinder thing, and showed it to various random people. They asked if they could build there, I said "sure, of course, no need to ask me!". I helped 'em a bit, by making platforms out into void; I suggested keeping some kinda sidewalks... and it mostly worked.

    Except, it was all griefed to hell after a couple days.

    But until then... it was lovely; a nice bunch of people, building their own stuff, working together; real community - pioneering spirit, making cool stuff, out in void.

    If some kind of grief-proofing (ie town-type flags) could be supported for such ventures - woo, that'd be a massive step.

    And I totally agree - 200k to "found" it - if not more. Yep yep yep; could be *so* cool. I hope JustinGuy can consider this, 'coz it'd be such a massive addition to EMC community.
  3. I'm suddenly feeling nostalgic:

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    1) It's a nice idea. I wouldn't mind seeing it tried, but I just don't see a public one working out.

    I think a natural extension of this idea would be to allow people to hook into or run spurs up to it. But then it'd be a bread crumb trail back to the other end.

    My first pvp experience here was in a tunnel someone built near spawn. I didn't go through it, someone was digging down to me from the surface nearby and I dug sideways then fell into the tunnel and got stuck in a tree they had put in the tunnel to delay people while they came from both ends to mug them. I'd rather not use a predictable pathway like this to get where I'm going unless I was sure no one else was nearby.

    Instead of square or circular areas of destruction, it will just change the shape of the PRA. Over time I expect we'll end up with a one wide dirt bridge with a track on it. People could build around it and try to keep it nice, but we've also talked about going out into the PRA and patching holes and planting trees and for the most part, no one does much more than maintain their own pathways. It could also be made part of the PRA and both could be reset more often, but I think a shorter reset period may actually encourage some people to mine those places even faster than they currently do.

    Last, I can think of several ways to render this hard to use: Mobs, both peaceful and non, abandoned carts, lava on the tracks, trees planted too closely to it, and building things over it - especially structures that make it dark enough to spawn mobs or a tunnel trap like I described above.

    2) I don't see a problem with this in general and it sounds like something is in the works. My concerns would be the complexity of it and how it would affect the vanilla aspect of the Wild. It seems like what I've seen discussed has a lot of room for abuse. Hopefully the staff will share some information about this soon.

    3) The example problem you provided could have been remedied by using the residential teleport system. I wouldn't mind having more detailed flags for my residence though. For example, I might want to allow someone to clip sheep or cut trees without giving them full build permissions on my residence. The chicken egging problem might be solved with a flag also similar to how we currently can allow fire to spread.

    4) /Map hide is a big one for me and the biggest reason I am a Supporter. The pvp example I gave above and several other incidents were what prompted me to start supporting. I check Live Map before I come in to the spawn area to make sure no one is circling the drain. If someone is near spawn and I can't see them, I can't avoid them until I see them and then it may be too late. If this were removed, there currently aren't any other supporter perks I'm interested in so I would unsubscribe. I don't expect it to be done anyway since EMC wants to find reasons for people to want to spend money here and this removes a popular incentive to support.

    5) A villager run shop sounds like more of a novelty than anything. Maybe it could be another Supporter perk. I think I need to hear more detail of what you have in mind before I can say I'd be interested.

    There are a couple things I'd like to see implemented in the shop system: I'd like to be able to connect a sign to redstone. This would allow me to do some interesting things. It would also bring problems with it and I've seen it discussed before, but that doesn't stop me from wishing.

    Another thing I'd like to see is more detail in the shop signs. It bothers me to click on an empty shop chest. It's also a problem if you are a supplier and don't know ahead of time how much space is in a chest, so you fill your inventory with (fill in the blank) only to find the chest only had a few spaces in it. This is also a problem for me at the shops that have multiple chests for ores each at a different price. I pass them by since I don't want to be troubled by having to guess which chest actually has items in it.
  4. you lost me
  5. 8. Thou Shalt Not Use Excessively Foul Language

    Be careful of what you type into the chat. The Empire is a public place for all people of all ages. It's not the place for foul language. Save it for private messages with your friends. If you’re not sure what is considered ‘excessively foul language’ ask a moderator.
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  6. Do you think I meant country matters? - HAMLET, Act 3, Scene 2

    1. Train - agree, not worth the hassle. Use teleports.

    2. Town in wild, yep, that's the big great idea here, see previous post. Doesn't have to effect 'Vanilla" 'coz town isn't Vanilla anyway; it's an exception to Vanilla, which lends to EMC's community aspect.

    3. Flags to set spawn - yep, agree; a non-problem. Finer control-flags might be nice, but OTOH, keep it simple. Just one would be nice - "no egging".

    Same. Totally agree.

    5. Villager shop - sounds complex, non-vanilla, and not worth the hassle. The economy is doing OK, as is.

    Are you mostly thinking so that chests could show if they have stock? 'Coz that'd be amazing.

    It'd also be great if chest/selling could be made easier, so shop-keepers don't have to waste hours refilling chests and typing the arcane formatting on signs. Just... let me sell stuff I have... let me edit the price, instead of worrying over the 'code'. That'd be lovely.
  7. I am *so* tempted to reply "F**k yeah". But I won't.
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  8. :p
  9. 1. awsome
    2. cool
    3.nice idea
    4.hemlet is confusing
    5. i love that idea!!!
  10. Edit: I think nothing :)

    I was thinking more like buying permission to enter a building: spleef arena, drop party, etc. or to automate a casino game. Something as simple as an inventory counter on a chest would be nice. The second line of the shop signs currently have plenty of room for this.
  11. This has a lot of inherent flaws to it. The staff has said in the past that no one has the right to "own" part of the wild. I see this causing a lot of problems. The reason the town system works so well is that it is equal for everyone. There are no abandoned npc mines, villages, soon to be pyramids, and ores to be fought over. Also what happens if everyone decides that they want to build their towns in jungles - then it becomes impossible to find jungle locations to take advantage of as an explorer.
  12. No to all but the last one. And villager trading will require Mojang to update the game.
  13. Point out where a said shut up? And he did his job, he edited your foul post:)
  14. If there was a better anti-griefing system, /hiding from live map wouldn't be the best, and only supporter perk worth buying. It's a shame that we are making the wild so easy to grief, yet so hard to catch the griefers (no block logs - this would also catch x-rayers, no wild protections, no 24/7 moderation - bit unrealistic).
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  15. I in no way, shape or form said I was condoning griefing. I was only pointing out the inevitable. The reason we have the town is because it is a completely safe area free from griefing. There is no way you are going to get rid of it completely in the wild, even with strong moderation. I was also pointing out that if everyone starts claiming plots in the wild it will just end up the same as town, and then what will follow this? There will be complaints that there is not enough wild. How will you decide where the plots are situated? How will travel take place? Surely not teleportation between town and your far out plot in the wild. If there is several plots right near spawn there will likely be complaints of how far people have to travel to actually reach resources which will probably all be gone from the plots that are closest. When someone is inactive for 10 days is it open for someone else to claim with their work already down and their chests to use? or is it completely reset with resources back in place? If someone wishes to reset their res in the wild, will they take all the resources they have back to town, reset and then mine again to get continuous supply of materials from that one square?

    I'm only trying to point out and answer the questions that I know will have to be asked when thinking up new ideas. So I would appreciate if you didn't come in talking about my "attitude".
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  16. I am locking this thread. Too much hostility has begun to manifest over simple suggestions that would have been better submitted to Staff for initial review prior to being unleashed on the public for discussion.

    Please, submit your suggestions to the EMC Staff and we will address those that are deemed of sufficient merit to be further discussed.
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