Five Ideas to Help the Servers. [LOCKED] Too much hostility.

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  1. I intend to present 10 fairly easy (in relative terms) to help the server, and present why each idea is feasible. Starting with...

    1. A protected Railway system in the wild.

    We have asked for this numerous times, and some people have even tried to set it up. But, griefers go'n grief. So obviously, there needs to be some way to stop them from being able to touch it. I know it is possible, because I have seen it on other servers. Alas, I do not know the ins and outs of permission programs that well. But would it be too difficult to take away players abilities to lay this type of item down?

    I know what you're thinking. "THat's not very vanilla!" "Don't take our items away!". Well, quite honestly, this is probably one of the least used in the wild ever. There isnt much point to it, especially in multiplayer, where it can be griefed. So take that away from players, at least in the wild. But what about TNT you say? Won't it still blow the blocks up? And what about the blocks underneath it, you say? Won't mining those out simply pop the block up?

    Simple. Bedrock cannot be moved or destroyed, so lay that down below the rails. And what about TNT still? That will still blow off the rails. Well, yes, but only Diamond supporters can use it in the wild, and that would lower the suspect pool IMMENSELY. Also, since it is probably the least used mining technique why not take its use in the WILD ONLY away? Replace it with something else we can do in the wild others cant?

    How far out should this rail system go? To the black part of the map. Anything further is virgin land, and if people can easily and quickly get there, there will be no point for maps resets, will there?

    2, Towns Systems in the Wild.

    I see no reason the "Town" should be the only liveable place. Since it is so hard to keep peace in the wild, why not let people Claim areas of land out there, then give it the same protection as "Town" does, with the lot system in place if they so desire? I don't see any bit of harm in this at all, except for making wild a safer and better place. As for not being vanilla, well, Neither is Town. Neither is almost everything that makes EMC fun.

    3. Stronger Flags on residences.

    The limit of how many residences a person can have is necessary. But in response to this, people have begun sharing residences. The problem? You cant give them all the flags you have access to. They cant take and give flags, cant set spawn points, cant turn off and on flags you may not want. It cripples people building together. Imagine you are building up, and somebody is below you. The Spawn is on the ground, and you want to move it up so you can build easier. Problem: The person on the ground has the flag power. So he has to get up to you, building scaffolding or 1x1 towers, set it, go back down, and destroy the eyesore. Why? Why not let the 2nd person set flags? No reason not to.

    4. Live Map Hiding for ALL!

    I realize this is a perk meant for supporters, but this is one of the main contributors to griefers. tHis is their greatest weapon. giving this ability to all would end a lot of griefing that goes on, since people can hide and build safely. Downside? Supporters lose a perk. I'd willingly give this perk up if it meant the end of griefing.

    5. Villager Run Shops.

    This one I don't know if its possible or not. But, in order to make it much easier to run a shop, could you tinker with the code of vilalgers to have them pull their inventory from a chest? That way a player could set a villager to sell their items, without having to build multiple chest shops? I Have no idea why it is double spacing this. And I can't seem to turn it off >.<
  2. I really like the hide from live map Idea.
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  3. Multiple problems with this, some of them are good and some of them arnt really.
    1: I use rails in my mine, I've been doing it since the last reset. So its pretty big and rails are necessary to save bread. Having a rail system will get clogged up with mine carts as well.

    2: I actually really like this idea.

    3: I dislike this idea. People get power hungry, or feel like greifing because they doubt they will get caught. If someone were to give someone else the ability to all flags, they may give other people flags and say, " O' hey theres a free grief party over here" etc.

    4: I also really like this idea, I hate getting my grinders griefed from live map stalkers. >.>

    5: 1.3 is coming out soon. villagers have there own shops with emeralds. So this one will be added to a point. You cant control what the villagers sell, but you can probably keep egging and re spawning a villager 'till you get one you desire.
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  4. 1) Where would this rail go? What general purpose would it be serving?
    2) Wild is vanilla. In order to advertise town as grief free, it has to be made into chocolate.
    3) Agreed, definitely.
    4) Could work in moderation.
    5) What's wrong with multiple chest shops?
  5. 1. It could become a supporter perk to place them. But I feel the upside to taking this ability away far outweighs the down side.

    3. As in all instances, you only give flags to people you trust. If they grief your residence, its only your own fault.

    5. That is what I meant, after 1.3 comes out, tinker with the code, and have their inventory come from your chests, as opposed to wheerever it comes from now.
  6. 1. It would go out to the edges of the "Shown" are of them map. If people can get to unexplored areas without minutes of walking, there will be no need to reset the wild everytime something new comes out for the wild.

    2. If we give up on trying to prevent griefing, and do not utilize everything in our power to stop it, we might as well make it legal on the servers.

    4. I see no downside to this at all.

    5. Nothing. but consider if you can put your ENTIRE shop in a 4x4 area, and have the ENTIRETY of the rest of your residence free to build what you want?
  7. when 1.3 will come out. it comes from the universe, in an aspect. They have unlimited inventory. (never run out of emeralds, or whatever they are buying). Still people get banned for griefing peoples res's after getting the build flag. The game has 13+ (even thought alot of people are younger). Not everyone knows what they did was smart. I know I've made mistakes before.
  8. Pretty sure you cant be banned for "griefing" if you are given flags to begin with, but I could be wrong. Regardless, nobody has pity for anybody stupid enough to give flags to someone they do not trust.
  9. If you want a place to build grief-free, that's why we have town. Wild is for resources. Sure, your base may get ransacked, but you are building at your own risk when you build in the wild.
  10. When I say Town system in Wild, i do not mean for one person. I mean, for a group of people. How amazing would it be for places like the Last Light Outpost to be able to let people visit, without the fear of them destroying things? Or to build dozens of towns in the wild, and let people CHOOSE where they wanted to live? To connect these places with railways? Portals? Make living in the wild as a community a viable option again?
  11. And I'm sorry, I just learned in the newest week. Villagers only have 3-15 worth of supplies.
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  12. Not if they pulled from a chest full of them? =3
  13. Maybe in a separate wild. And as a member of the LLO, our purpose is to beat griefing, and we're still around after a few months. Sure, there's some minor incidents where 3 year olds go on a rampage, but nothing that's too terribly huge.
  14. you never "Beat" griefing. You just postpone it.
  15. False, I've gotten 6 people perma banned from griefing my spawners, Haven't had another greif for over a month :3
  16. The downside I see to #4 is that the griefers would also have this ability which will make it even more difficult to catch them
  17. I remember this being suggested a few months ago. The statement from Justin (I barely remember it) was something like:
  18. You sir, are a smart man. I agree with all ideas.
  19. That is also true
  20. doesnt mean they dont exist just because YOU arent being griefed lol.

    Basically, this is JustinGuy endorsing griefing, then.

    I don't understand how you think that livemap helps in catching them to begin with....
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