Five Ideas to Help the Servers. [LOCKED] Too much hostility.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nerone94, Jun 24, 2012.

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  2. Unlimited inventory? I really never heard of that one. Do you mean that a player can carry as much as they want with them or something else?
  3. First of all us supporters pay to use the live map for xp grinders, secret bases and such but your letting everyone use it NO WAY JOSE.If you want live map pay 5 dollars :). Second of all people go to the wild to explore have a adventure it is not safe there THAT IS THE FUN PART dont take that part away.3rd villagers shouldve have shops becase we go to the wild to mine or gather resources NOT TO BUY THEM but to buy them there too no way.
  4. Live Map is free to everyone? /map hide is for supporters.
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  5. yea i mean map hide lol
  6. lol I was like "'re getting ripped off if you're paying to use live map when it's free to everyone."
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  7. This... made no sense. I'm sensing english is not your first language.

    It is with this attitude that you may as well make griefing legal on the servers.

    And dubzy covered the other points.
  8. Missed this. =3

    1. Because not everyone wants to spend half an hour to find a new biome.

    2. Good argument.

    3. They would not retain the power to remove your flags, so you would still retain ownership.

    4. Not everyone can afford it, and are still susceptible to griefers.

    5. I never said it was.
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  9. no bad words
  10. we need a mod here
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  11. Okey, I'm mostly going to be repeating myself here.

    I honestly can not think of a better supporter perk than hiding from live map. There will, honestly, be nothing to equal it. This is a lot less because people see it and go - oh that is cool I want that. It is because people who do not have it go "man this is terrible, I really need that perk" 5$ is nothing in the terms of online gaming. I do not want to hear that some people can not afford 5$. It is not like anyone playing an online video game is living in poverty. You can pay for minecraft, and monthly internet service - then I have little doubt in my mind that you can find 5 bucks in your budget to help out the server you play on.

    This server is brought to you for free. You should be thankful for every little thing you get. Not saying, "I deserve more, give it to me now." Most games that are free to play online do not have a helpful, available staff. Most games that do have a full time staff cost at least 15$ a month - And it is not an option to pay. You really have to realize how really freaking lucky you are to have EMC. Most other mc servers are terrible, because they are staffed by immature kids who couldn't care less about your problems.

    So what is the moral of this story?

    If you want to play for free - sit back and enjoy your free ride. Don't come here and say - We deserve more.

    If you want more - cough up the 5$ and help support this amazing server. They deserve it.
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  12. Nice wording... And do you realize that the last reset was due to world rendering issues, and not a new biome? There is NOTHING as good as being able to hide on the live map. If you think flying for an hour is as good as hiding on the map, you need to open your eyes, open your mind, close your mouth/typing fingers and think. Instead of saying "We can find something equal!!11!1111!!11!", try to find something equal. Then people may actually listen to what you say.
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  13. Nerone94, please remove the offensive word in your last post as it will get you into some trouble.
  14. Whoa, seem a bit hostile there don't you? I'll edit your post and let this be a warning: No foul language in or around the forums please.
  15. good job green ;)
  16. how was that hostile? lol. i was making a point. nothing hostile about it. look at jk's post, where he tells me to shut up, or pandas, where she calls me a douchebag, and do your job correctly please.
  17. you are forgetting that, probably 75% or the people on here are not old enough to hold down a job. and, speaking from experience, whenever i asked my parents to pay for a video game for me, they usually said no...

    P.S: I pay 20 dollars a month, and have for about... 4-5 months Now I think. So your argument does not apply to me. Before you get on your high horse and say "You dont pay enough to demand better service!" Consider that, well, yes I do, and people who have paid just as much and more than me agree. Just because you do not pay for a service rendered does not mean you should expect less, or to be treated less.

    This isn't a subscription service, this is a donation. I am not paying them for services rendered, I am helping them pay their bills. It is not unrealistic then to want better, expect better, and try to help them come up with better ideas for the servers that I help pay for. In all reality, by donating, I am basically part owner in the servers.
  18. you said the "f" word
  19. Your made up statistics are off. And besides, I think you missed an important part of what I said.

  20. It was not aimed at anybody, therefore it cannot be hostile.

    THe villagers originally pulled their inventory for selling to players from an unlimited pool of resources. Mojang changed this before the release, so players cant gain an unlimited amount just for having Emeralds.

    I'll say this again: Most of the players on EMC do not pay. This is not made up. A lot are not old enough to HAVE jobs. You cannot "pay" for something with imaginary money, and we are not "paying" EMC for anything. WE are donating. This is not a pay-to-play game.

    No, guys, none of you are any better than free players, just because you donate . And If you think this is true, turn EMC into a subscription service, and kick all the free players out. See how many people are left.
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