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  1. So is anyone else looking forward to 1.3 coming out? I know I am. I've already got a set of things I'm going to set up for it as well. Also I'd like to see what other people are going to be doing with all of the new changes to Minecraft. My plans are:

    - Set up a library
    - smelt all of the items!
    - Also become a supporter for a new res. :)
  2. i cant wait to get xp for mining:)
  3. ive been saving up coal and usin my xp grinder more often
  4. I am really excited about 1.3. I am going to open a book publishing and business.
  5. Sounds awesome, i might have to run a few books by you. :)
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  6. eh.. i guess i'm excited. the levels come WAY faster than they need to though, each time i go mine i return with about 3-5 stacks of coal... all that translated into levels is a lot of easy levels, which i'm sure will affect the enchanted item business pretty badly.
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  7. Yeah, supposedly the highest enchantment level will be 30 though. So I dont know if they will move the xp gain to 30, so it takes longer to get higher, like how it is after 50, but for 30.
  8. i think i know what you're saying -- by what i've heard, the experience will be fixed at 17, so 17 xp per level, rather than exponential xp like it is now (ex: say level 1 needs 4 xp, level 2 will need 10 xp).
  9. Yeah you got at what I was saying. I think the if they kept it how it is right now, with the exponential, it would be better. Getting to the max enchantment level will be way to easier, if its the same.
  10. i agree, exponential would be the way to go - but i think mojang is starting to not care about customers. they're making it so mobs spawn on half slabs also -.-.
  11. well, im just gonna buy all the iron ore i can find, then re-mine it, and smelt it for double xp :)
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  12. iron and gold don't give xp
  13. well darn...
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  14. unless smelted, but it'd be easier going and mining it - you get more that way
  15. once u get to level 20 it does the same thing now, also mojang does still care about customers other wise they wouldnt be updating, and fixing bugs
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  16. How is there another waffle in the forums O: ?! This is MADNESS!!

    1.3: can't wait ;)
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  17. that's not true, microsoft updates xbox firmware all the time - and they could give two poops about us. we're all already involved in the chain of money though.

    anyways, so its all fixed up until level 20 where it becomes exponential? thats interesting lol.
  18. lol if ur just now figuring out that everything is about money then its a bit sad, and mojang could be A LOT worse.
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  19. I'm going to go back to every redstone and lapis I've ignored, and get some easy xp.....
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  20. well sorry to say, i'm not stupid - i've known for quite some time that it's basically all game companies are about. Any game company could really be worse, but they can't at the same time because they'll lose future customers - kind of like Blizzard and Diablo 3. A lot of disappointment and such led to people selling their equipment and quitting the game because the patches only really nerfed inferno.