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  1. Back in the days when i was looking for a good server like a mad guy, I really spend ages before i found EMC. I went from server to server and I never really found any of them fitting my expectations of what i was looking for e.g organized website, proffesional staff, good community and a uniqe way of building creations without destroying the wildlife around it.
    After a long time of searching i realized there was no such thing, so i gave up and had to compromise.
    Which leads me to how i found EMC.
    I found one of the servers had a fancy live map, that was really cool! and i thought maybe there where other servers with the same feature.
    I searched google for "Minecraft server with live map" and finally I found EMC.

    Which leads me to two questions
    1 How did you find EMC?
    2 Why isnt EMC on the toplist of the various toplist-websites out there? (I mean c'mon, every other server is not even within range of EMC' "awesomeness".)
  2. Awesome! :D I just looked at a list of servers on a website and I chose EMC
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  3. About the second question: Most of the top servers on those websites abuse the voting feature to give players that vote extremely good stuff, such as 500 diamonds and enchanted gear, mostly expensive stuff that would take a lot of time to get. So the top servers on those websites usually means the server gives the best stuff by voting, instead of actually displaying the best servers out there. Pretty unfortunate :confused:
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  4. Yeah, on some 'feed the beast' servers (and I suppose minecraft) ... they 'require' you to vote a certain amount of times to reach certain ranks.
  5. My sister told me about it, she used to play on my account but I bought her a new one so we could both play.
  6. Funniest thing... the server I was on also used vote rewards so I simply started looking on the site where I voted. That basically failed miserably ;)

    So then I googled for Minecraft economy survival servers, ended up with, and because I believe that most of the top servers aren't as good as they claim to be I started at the bottom of the list.

    First entry didn't really appeal to me, second entry was EMC.
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  7. I was bored of singleplayer survival. Really bored, to the point where I was talking to my pigs, and trust me, they are not good conversationalists. As a result, I went on a quest for a server! Feeling like I was stepping into a new beginning, I launched my way majestically into some random server I'd selected!

    And, in the mother of failures, couldn't find my way out of the hub.

    Naturally, because I didn't want to give up, I tried several other servers and found that apparently really complicated hubs and Tutorials were pretty popular. Eventually, tired of searching, I found a list of servers and clicked on the top one.

    And so I found myself in Empire Minecraft, where I was instantly welcomed both ingame and in the forums and where I proudly walked out of the Tutorial in one piece. It was a happy day for me. =P And so, yeah, that's how I found EMC! =D
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  8. 1. How did you find EMC? I looked on one of dem server lists that you can vote for emc on.
    2 Why isnt EMC on the toplist of the various toplist-websites out there? (I mean c'mon, every other server is not even within range of EMC' "awesomeness".) because other servers are greedy and think their "factions" are cool when their not
  9. I found EMC because of an incredibly fortunate accident. I was using the achievement generator ( and back then it had a link to EMC at the top of the page. I wanted to get to the homepage of the achievement generator and accidentally clicked the wrong button. Then I found myself on the EMC forums. What I saw looked very interesting, and I quickly made an account and got to know the awesome community.

    As for your question: most of the servers at the top of the list almost force people to vote. Some even literally require voting to even play. While EMC does give pretty great rewards, it's not at all mandatory to vote, and because of that many people unfortunately do not.
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    1. My friend introduced me to the site at school in February 2012. He reduced his activity here in April 2012 and completely left that June. I stayed.
    2. We used to be at the top (or near the top) of the list on MC-Serverlists when I joined :rolleyes: Activity here froze up until a few months ago when we got a new tutorial and gave people benefits for voting. Someday, we'll take over the servers that occupy the top of the lists and force people to vote. I hope, anyway.
    Slightly unrelated; us being on the top of the server list gets us loads of new people for in-game (a lot of people now stay). Forum activity seems to freeze up more and more each day, for me, though :/ I wish both the site and servers had tons of activity like they did 2 years ago (am I the only one who misses having to wait for a free space to join the server? :p)
  10. 1. I got Minecraft less than 2 weeks before, and EMC was my first server to join when I found it on a server list.
    2. Many servers give 'better' benefits than EMC but are on a larger scale than EMC. Such as minigame networks.
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  11. I was busy learning web design and posting a few videos on youtube. Also watched loads of videos how to use Dreamweaver CS5 and Photoshop etc. One of the videos I watched mentioned Minecraft as the craze for it was just beginning also I think some of the programmers I was following had something to do with Bukkit. I eventually found a server called something craft <- no long in existence the programmer who owned it could not find the time to maintain it any longer.

    I first played minecraft in single player for some time before I went on that server, it was an ok server few players and I ended up as a moderator due to the loneliness on there I looked for a more energetic server and somehow came accros EMC.

    EMC was a whole new experience with so many players, some days it was impossible to get on as the servers where so full. Like everything things change and over 2 years down the line most of those early players have stopped playing minecraft altogether. Its great to see though that some have stuck with it and with EMC.

    In the three years since I started playing Minecraft I have visited several servers and I too have never found anywhere like EMC it's dynamics of it has something that other servers don't and this is why I stay.
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  12. I was looking for another economy server to start fresh on. I believe I was checking out the servers on the list and found EMC to be one of the servers. I also checked out the websites of all the servers on the list (to see how active the community and staff were), and thought that EMC looked pretty good (I believe the first post I read was about new moderators [here we go:]).

    And I've been enjoying it ever since. :p

    As for the other question, someone above had a very good answer.
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  13. I was flying above the Minecraft world looking for more servers to pillage with my fiery breath and I noticed a beam of light shining upon a majestic area. Naturally, I flew to it and discovered the greatest thing I have ever set eyes upon - a mountain of bacon. After eating it all, I saw the Empire about a mile away and decided to join it.