The Rise of the Green People!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. As you may have noticed, we have more greenies around.

    This is the official (although delayed) welcoming thread.

    That is all.

  2. Welcome to all six of the new Moderators, "And they shall be Victorious!"
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  3. Welcome! New greens!
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  4. Congratulations to you all!
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  5. Congratz guys!
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  6. Welcome! Now that your kryssy's slave, get her a milkshake NOW!!
  7. Welcome everyone I haven't already welcomed :) I'm sure you will all do good
  8. congrats to all.
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  9. I'd rather have a sweet tea. =P
  10. Congratz everyone your all gonna be great!
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  11. Congrats to all! Ohhhh these graphics are getting fancier ;)
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  12. Welcome! Sorry to see that some great souls will be destroyed, and chopped into little cubes D=
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  13. Thank you for a new staff members to bug..err.. kindly ask for a help and Welcome to all of them! :)
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  14. Congrats!
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  15. Congratulations to all of you! I'm looking forward to seeing what you all can do to help the Empire. Good luck to you all!
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  16. Congrats you guys ^_^ It was such a great surprise seeing you guys in green. Its suits you all :3
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  17. congrats green people
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  18. If I told you that I make a milkshake which brings all the boys to the yard, would you be persuaded?
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  19. I would be ^.^

    Now let me find my quote from earlier today... Ah here it is: