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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TaylorGang, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Well, I've spent a good 4-5 months on this server, and I screwed up. I was banned for griefing and I accept the punishment entirely. This is truly an amazing server and I had a lot of fun with all of you. I hope this place continues to grow and be the best server on MC. You guys were all awesome people, but maybe I was meant to be caught? I'm going off to college soon so maybe I needed to be kicked from EMC so I can actually be productive :p I sincerely apologize to those creations that I ruined. I hope you all continue to have fun here. Billsack also apologizes, as we were both banned. I see how terrible it is that I did this, and I want to thank some specific people.

    IceCreamCow - I would like to apologize to you the most. You were the best mod I've ever talked to. You were there for everyone and you were always happy. I gained you're trust and then ruined it. I'm sorry, and I wish you the best on you're journey through making EMC better.

    JustinGuy - I don't think I ever talked to you, but you made this server what it is today. No server I have ever been on is as advanced as yours. You've truly put your heart into this server and it has really showed. I know you will continue to make this server amazing.

    All the other mods on here were incredible. I've only ever had a problem with one mod but I'd rather not talk about it :p

    Thank you all for the opportunity of playing on this server. IT saddens me that I got myself banned, but I get what I deserved. I wish you all the best.

    - Jlopez24 <--- I know everyone loves these ;P

    P.S I really don't want to hear "why did you grief" or things like that. I understand what I did was wrong.
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  2. Well, this is awkward.
  3. T-T Beautiful sah.. beautiful..
  4. Don't be. he was busted destroying someone's house and using the "Jt" griefing symbol by it.
  5. Jt? what is that?
  6. Trying to be their own form of "AVO" or something on EMC. Except everyone that's done it has gotten caught, haha.
  7. I am deeply saddened by this. :( Hope you learn your lesson.
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  8. Alot of people there got griefed had a Jt sign next to the "crime" place.

    [Edit] ICC, was faster than me :D
  9. whats a form of AVO?
  10. Hmmm, you know, Im a little ticked off.... no scratch that, Im down right MAD. I actually APOLOGIZED to YOU for breaking a few blocks on the public wild xp grinder you built on utopia before it was reset... I specifically wanted you to know that I wasnt greifing it, I was trying to retrieve my belongings from when I fell into the mob trap (which was lava). I felt awful, and tried to replace to blocks I "removed" and Im %99 sure I repaired it. But it wasnt malicious in nature at ALL. And in fact, from talking to you I most likely wouldn't have believed that you were griefing unless I heard it from your mouth (which I just have) and most likely would have vouched for you as a good guy.

    Now, come to find out that you, a diamond supporter and seemingly well respected member of the community, was intentionally RUINING others work? I feel betrayed.

    Honestly dude, I dont have any sympathy for you, and Im certain you think that you are slightly redeeming yourself by "owning up to it" or "accepting your punishment", but you know what? Nope, uh-huh. I dont think so. I dont know the whole story, but to quote you:
    it is appearent that you were doing this multiple times and doing it intentionally and maliciously to ruin others work. The fact that you ADMIT you were ruining "creations" shows that you did it more then once and got some kind of sick sadistic pleasure from causing others grief. You, sir, are the reason people have to painstakingly hide their constructions and belongings and I have no sympathy for you. Not one bit. Good riddance.
  11. disapointed isn't the word. but goodbye and best of luck.
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  12. Don't say you're sorry cause you not. You are only sorry you got caught.
  13. This is accurate. I don't know why jerks like this decide to come and try and save face after they're clear they weren't good in the first place. Literally seconds before this post, he messaged me with: "I don't know why I got banned I never griefed!" When I told him we had proof, out comes the "feel bad for me" post.

    I'll never understand griefer mindsets.
  14. --__-- My face when griefers say they are sorry but are lying ( as in always)
  15. This one knows...
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  16. hmm, i woulndt believe you griefed either, i dont think disappointed is the word either, more like just plan, grumpy. You sounded nice and yeh then you go grief...
  17. This is like going to the store and stealing a cake. "I didn't do anything wrong!" "Sir we have you on video AND you left a slice of it on the ground with your DNA on it." "Oh.... im sorry everyone please forgive me"

    Don't break the rules and then apologize for them. Simply follow them.
  18. Yes. That's exactly what this is like. Good example. Happens ALL the time around these parts.
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  19. I would have never thought you were a griefer.....
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