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What do you think is the appropriate Response?

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I don't play or care 3 vote(s) 4.7%
Code the items to self-destruct. 24 vote(s) 37.5%
Introduce the exploited item to all people for fairness. 17 vote(s) 26.6%
Do nothing. Let the people who silently got them, keep them. 12 vote(s) 18.8%
Other: Leave a response 8 vote(s) 12.5%
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  1. My two cents is that Emc has long loved the collectibles. There was a time that the promos were released each holiday one year after another. Then Kryssy got life-busy and holiday promos got 'forgotten' or overlooked and didn't roll out like they once had.

    There was an issue at Halloween with some of the mobs and the armor. Pretty much the same story here. An issue that didn't get reported right after discovering it. There will always be players trying to get around the intended event and get something from it.

    Recent years have had some new promos and some good ideas. The leprechaun was fantastic and I loved seeing him run around. He frequently stole my bed at night. And for being such a custom mob, he was stupid as a villager. I watched several run parallel to me and then down into a ravine... Like "what??! I was right here". So they were a bit of a game of tag. Bumping into them and getting the nugget (or the ingot, which I have never even seen) was just a blast. Several times I had to fight off mobs, to get to the little guy to get my reward.

    There had been a bit of a hole in the holiday promo release. The players were hungry for new stuff, because the old stuff wasn't being released. This one was just fun! It is in effect, just a villager with a green nametag. Now we know that players like that and want more.

    This feels like the head market. Zombie horse heads/wither heads, etc
    If there is a mob, players want either the mob or the head...

    I can see why this has happened and I understand the reasoning behind those who did it. Being the first to grab a new thing is just wanting the Bragging Rights. The first players to collect and breed a Sniffer in the last update? Now the sniffers are everywhere.

    Maybe a Book called Bragging Rights could be issued to someone who finds something/suggests something/reports something? *shrugs* I have no better ideas. On the other hand, don't want to reward players for poking at things and trying to circumvent the rules of Emc... but if they are already doing it?

    I stand on the center line, divided between ideas on what should be done here. I don't envy Chicken the decision process being made to get there. I will also live with whatever is decided.

    footnote: I would like to see the loveable little Leprechaun back, or some other mob in the summer. Its nice to have something this time of year before we *fall* into the Super Turkey and then the Blizz Ards.
  2. This has been stated to an extent. But the major difference this has with things like the netherhounds and guardians. Is that this was for an event mob and kept quiet until other people could not get it, when it was disabled.

    Whereas those others, were still available to be obtained after it became public knowledge
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  3. I think you should use the precedent for April Fool's Easter Bunny from 2018.

    It was a white egg without an assigned mob of which we were told they would be auto-deleted upon the next minecraft update. Given this, many people gave theirs away for free.

    However, once the update came the white eggs turned into pigs rather than dissapearing.

    Similarly in this situation. I feel like Minecraft has enough bugs which are embraced as features, and why not have EMC add one more the list. ;)

    I would say don't stress about it Chicken and just let it be, prize them for ingenuity.
    Given that EMC is not in hard mode, it also makes zombie villager conversion much harder as it isn't guaranteed upon death, so it isn't as if it was a free items without effort, so ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Edit: Also, deleting the items would make it worse imo, if its only possible to delete the items without including any entities which were already spawned via the bugged item. This would mean a higher scarcity for such mobs, as well as handling mob moves via SS service is a possibility...
  4. ahhh, I was js scanning through so I didnt see context lol
  5. exploiting a bug for monetary gain is nefarious as hell.

    i like bugs that make unique items, but for me its about collecting them, not to profit off of them. those who chose to profit on a known exploit should be ashamed.
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  6. I know you do like collecting stuff but what I cannot get my head around is, if no one auctioned or sold the items, how would collectors like yourself obtain them? I doubt many would give them out for free so I guess the other way is through trading or buying them
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  7. I hope you take all the time you need so it's not causing you stress. And that you know you are really appreciated. I'm coming up on 10 years on EMC, it's basically my home in Minecraft and we wouldn't have EMC without your work and the work of staff - which I know can sometimes be thankless, so consider this at least one very big THANK YOU for all you do.:)
  8. i personaly tink its not good to delete them since a they probely where alrady sold and traded some for probely a milion ruppees
    j tink if we delete them we shut also delete the enranged gardians and the wolf eggs for fairnes
    since these where some what the same

    note i tink this is probely to late to delete them

    point 2 i tink the current bug reporting is bad
    emc has currently so many custom features thats good but it intruduces a lot of problem
    i tink there shut be some kind of rewards like
    if u report a bug and u [did]katy] not abuse it and derectly report it would mean u get a item
    or a reward

    depending on how like bad the bug would be
    becouse currently u would find for exsample a dupe and if u report it u would get notting
    and if u [do not]katy] report it u would have a ton of stuf and maybe ban

    but if u would get somting for reporting a bug i tink it shut be rewarded becouse it would maybe
    have stoped this from hapening and since emc has like staf that are not paid i tink if the reward would be good or like or like cool and depending on what bug you report

    tiny bug somting not working corectly a difrent reward than
    if some 1 reported a bug thats like a dupe
    i also tink it would be good to have it like if u the first to report the bug it will get u the reward
    so it would get report earlyer since u would want to be the first person that wants the reward
  9. I was only online for a couple of days while the Leprechaun Villagers were live, but I chose to vote for other. I think the exploited copies of the eggs should be banned from all auctions. Then re-release the egg as a promo for everyone to have access to.
  10. well the ones that i have are ones i obtained myself. there might be one or two that were donated to me instead, but yeah.
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  11. :love: :<3:
  12. I have implemented something in response to my mistake here. Closing this thread now.

    See the full thread for all of the details on that update not pertaining to the leprechaun.
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