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What do you think is the appropriate Response?

Poll closed May 11, 2024.
I don't play or care 3 vote(s) 4.7%
Code the items to self-destruct. 24 vote(s) 37.5%
Introduce the exploited item to all people for fairness. 17 vote(s) 26.6%
Do nothing. Let the people who silently got them, keep them. 12 vote(s) 18.8%
Other: Leave a response 8 vote(s) 12.5%
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  1. So, obviously I made a mistake. But I have created a poll to gather some information on what you think I should have done. (?or should do?)

    Here is the story. The recent Leprechaun was a baby villager, the intention was for these to exist solely to be right-clicked and drop a special gold item. People quietly discovered that they could convert it to a zombie villager and cure it back to a villager which removed my anti-eggification code that was on it. An exploit.

    To nip something upfront. I don't plan on banning these people that chose to exploit the server. I am grateful to the ONE person that notified me that this bug existed before Leprechauns were ended.
    For transparency, when they asked me "Would there be any plan for the unknown amount of egged ones in circulation", I replied "I'm going to leave this one alone. I don't have the time or energy for the drama".

    But guess what. There is drama anyway, I can't just ignore this one despite how much I want to.

    Anyways, this is where we are. I don't have the time or energy to deal with the fallout from this right now. I am just too busy right now, and I know there is some pressure for me to give a definitive response. I just don't have it right now. I created this thread to see what people think I should do.

    Vote in the poll if you want. Or not. idk. I've got another obligation I have to run off to now...
  2. A final note. Is that this endless cycle of me spinning up a fun idea, for it to just be exploited in some way... is just... exhausting and demotivating. It keeps happening over and over and over again. Sure, I just should anticipate these exploits. It IS my fault.
    But it also ruins me wanting to do these things again in the future.

    Then there is the secrecy. One person will tell me, but then I find out that so-and-so has been using this exploit for longer and intentionally didn't report it because they knew I would fix it. That is creating a hostile relationship between myself and you. You know what that makes me feel? It makes me shutdown.

    The expectations (mostly from myself) are just unrealistic and disabling. I can't keep trying to do everything. Because nothing ends up getting done. :(

    Have a great weekend all.
  3. Thank you for addressing this. I know it takes a lot so thank you for trying!
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  4. I vote to self destruct. I vote this way as certain players withheld the exploit and instead of there being a few eggs there are several and possibly many we don't know about.

  5. I dont know if self destructing the eggs is the best idea as many players my self included have auctioned or sold these eggs and the price for them is very high at around 1.5 million rupees. If the eggs are deleted people who spent a large chunk of change on these would not be the happiest.
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  6. Personally, the rules are clear and this is still an exploit. Eggs should be removed / self-destruct at least...

  7. Well I guess we also remove the enraged zombie spawn eggs and nether hounds but you wouldn’t want that as you probably have some yourself
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  8. I think self destruction would not be the best idea. If they were to be self destructed perhaps self destruct all the enraged guardians too :). While I have a couple of eggs myself, once I first learned of them I simply believed they would be exactly like enraged guardian eggs thus I never thought much deeper on it.
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  9. If they were obtained via an exploit then yes they should. The rules are clear, it's an exploit and against the rules, players using this should be punished really. Eggs should be removed from circulation is the minimum... And no I don't own any of these exploited eggs and you have no reason to assume I do.
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  10. Curing zombie villagers is a intended game mechanic.
    besides that, eggifying enraged zombies and nether hounds was a bug, but was much more well known than the leprechauns mostly because the server isn’t nearly as active as it was back then. There are quite a few leprechaun eggs around as I’ve seen it being talked about in public chat. A lot more than the 3-4 people most people think there are who ‘abused’ it
  11. " People quietly discovered that they could convert it to a zombie villager and cure it back to a villager which removed my anti-eggification code that was on it."

    Quote from chickeneer ^

    Emphasis on "People quietly discovered"

    The eggs that exist already Netherhounds and Gaurdians were known in the public of how to get them so everyone that played at the time was able to get them.

    For those who are gonna say that well you had to play at that time to get them... Same goes for Promos in general. Guess we need to ban / get rid of Promos?
  12. yes, no more promos! :)
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  13. I'm a very active player on EMC. I never once heard anything about Leprechaun eggs until they were no longer spawning and a friend asked if I wanted to buy one.

    Another quote from chickeneer.

    "I am grateful to the ONE person that notified me that this bug existed before Leprechauns were ended."

    if you say more then 3-4 people KNEW about this bug / exploit. Why wasn't there more reports?
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  14. The reason the bug was abused in the first place is because of promo culture. I reported the issue to chickeneer on the 5th of April and they were disabled a few days ago because chickeneer had no time or energy to implement a proper fix for them. Leprechauns are also known and have been talked about in public chat even on the night before they were disabled, and you can still get them as they don’t even despawn
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  15. i know of atleast 6 people who have them. including myself. maybe people are just lazy? cannot be bothered to report it? or in my case figured it wasn't that serious/important due to similar things existing previously. Im probably just going to be reasonable and assume there are even more who have them/knew.
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  16. I am chaperoning a prom tonight, so I will not see a lot of these for hours.

    Just a friendly reminder to keep things civil. This thread was created in hopes that this could be discussed out a bit so even if you disagree with the result I take, you can maybe understand why another perspective thinks the way they do.

    At no times should arguments be directed personally. But also keep in mind that talking negatively about "the people that exploited", they are valuable members of the community - and attacking them is just as bad/toxic compared to whatever you are throwing at them.

    Try to be kind... Open discussion is encouraged though...
  17. It's intended in the game but not intended to be used on the custom mob that was added. If it was intended to be egged it would have been able to egg the normal way. It's an exploit of the mob.

    So now you agree it's a bug that's been abused / exploited?
  18. I wouldn't quite classify promo culture to the same as exploiters. Just my opinion. The main problem here has been around since before 1.8. People don't report bugs enough.

    I remember being able to spawn Full grown animals out of a dispenser. Aikar said in his update at the time nobody reported it for a long time.

    The other option here is a re-write of the rules or how rules are enforced.
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  19. ‘Curing zombie villagers into villagers’ message was a joke.
  20. Ooft, this is a tough problem right here, at one hand you got the people who have secretely found out and misused the promo by getting spawn eggs that wasnt intended, but the problem is most of these people have now auctioned them off, made there money, and no longer have them, and now the people in ownership, or have bid 1+ mil rupees, are not ones that have exploited it, just have deep pockets and have done nothing wrong, so its kind of a tough position to be in cuz if they self destruct (delete them), peopel have spend millions of rupees, doing nothing wrong mind you, just having deep pockets in order to obtain the rare items are out millions with nothing in return, but if you dont self destruct them, then theres a exploited item running around stirring choas. Ideally closing all these auctions, is this first step, then self destructing the eggs, and anyone that purchased an egg privately might have to enter a message with SS and the previous owner to have the rupees transferred back? apart from that I got no idea lol

    (I am unbiased here, I dont have any of these, nor sold / purchased one, nor do I know anyone that has bought / sold one)
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