[FEEDBACK] Dev Mistakes - Eggs (CLOSED)

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What do you think is the appropriate Response?

Poll closed May 11, 2024.
I don't play or care 3 vote(s) 4.7%
Code the items to self-destruct. 24 vote(s) 37.5%
Introduce the exploited item to all people for fairness. 17 vote(s) 26.6%
Do nothing. Let the people who silently got them, keep them. 12 vote(s) 18.8%
Other: Leave a response 8 vote(s) 12.5%
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  1. I don't disagree with you overall sentiment. But these quoted bits I feel like is blindly glossing over the fact that you're telling the staff team to *just* do a bunch of work with time that they don't have forcing people into compliance. Which I believe would just be overall a worse effect on the community.
    Making them widely available just seems like a not-as-bad of both worlds lol.
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  2. This is a spicy thread full of enraged (Pun intended) talk. Honestly, if chicken is game for making up some fancy code to self destruct these eggs in style that would be the best alternative :D. I don't think too many hearts will be broken by saying goodbye to one unintentional mob egg...
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  4. Your heart won’t be broken as you have none. If you had one or a few your opinion would be vastly differnt
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  5. only dirty exploiters who can't follow rules would have one.
  6. if you knowingly exploited something and now are upset at the idea that you might lose what you got through it, I would say that sounds like a "you" problem.

    I initially voted to give it out as a promo to all, but the more I read here the more I feel I should have voted to nuke them from orbit.
  7. Some people bought them, too, possibly not knowing they're an illicit item. It's not fair to punish people who got cheated out of their rupees by removing the item they paid for. I still stand by my previous suggestions, although I still love to see that some others are open to discussion too.
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  8. yeah, totally agree nuke em. i,ve given out too many for free anyway
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  9. I think I have a plan that is not nothing.
    I will announce it when I have a chance to implement it. Got a couple things going this week, I'll try and squeeze it in.

    I think 1.20.5 is going to drop this week. *internally-screams* So that might take my free time.
  10. Interesting that you would think my opinion would be vastly different. Sorry, but your not correct in this assumption. As Chicken had mentioned this was not suppose to happen. Seeing as he allocates lots of time into coding/developing the server. I respect the decision of rolling back these eggs.
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  11. literally tryna sell em for 1.25M but ok... :)
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  12. cant wait =D
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  13. tbh whether or not i had em, opinions to delete them would remain the same.. its an item that should have never been able to be obtained and i respect the work chicken does to realize that.. anyways, it seems he has come to a conclusion so now we just wait and see what is being decided :)
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  14. for the people that got them, acend them into a higher plane (take away command usage and entrap them in a barrier block cage) inside of a museum of course =D
  15. bro what XD this is a wild sentiment to have, "dirty exploiters" its not an exploit until told its not ment to happen. so they aren't in the wrong
  16. At first I thought well, there was a precedent for glitched mob eggs like the enraged guardian being valuable. As noted other glitchy stuff like unlored horse eggs, uncraftable potions, etc. are quirky collectibles.

    However in this case it's obvious they weren't intended to be eggable, so by finding an unpatched workaround to "steal" them it's clearly taking advantage of the effort put in to make the event mob. Like, haha I found your mistake and now I'm gonna make money off it.

    Eggs should be deleted and the (probably few) transactions reversed on a case-by-case basis
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  17. My thoughts as well. My only concern is for those who spent money on the eggs. They may have assumed they were fine to buy since other unintended mob eggs have been acquired in the past.

    I have one that was given to me but have it in my vault until final decision is made.
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  18. haven't been told to not sell them. Its an opportunity, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Also considering if they get deleted i'll refund anything or all things probably quicker than most people will even realize the update has taken effect assuming im at home. 🙄
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  19. he was being sarcastic
  20. I'm sure theres no changing minds about things that already haven't been said and chicken has already made a decision, However BUD switches were an exploit that were not intended which became a feature. Sure Leprechaun eggs were not intended. Yet they could easily be included under the promos/custom items wiki page as an extra promotional item for absolutely free. No extra work needed. Unintended? Sure. But minecraft is built on unintended features.
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