[EVENT] Pumpkin Patch Parties in October

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  1. Bonus Day: Halloween Saturday
    12 pm (noon) EMC time
    It's almost October and that means the perfect time for Pumpkin Patch Parties!!!!

    Join Krysyy for a Pumpkin Palooza. Dig your way through hundreds of Pumpkins in search of the specially named ones to earn yourself various prizes.
    Everyone is welcome. Tools not allowed.

    Prizes include:
    -Diamonds, Gold, etc
    -Krysyy heads
    -GreenKrysyy heads
    -other valuable things =P

    Schedule: All times are in EMC time.
    October 6 : 2 pm (Tuesday)
    October 8: 10 pm (Thursday)
    October 12 : 8 pm
    October 19 : 10 pm (to allow for fishy event to conclude before)
    October 26 : 10 pm
    October 31 : 12 pm (noon)

    This thread will be re-bumped on the day of the event.
  2. Cool! Gone event mad krys?
  3. Krysyy apparently has too much free time this October.
  4. Woah cool. I will definitely be there for all of them. Gotta get my hands on those rare items heh. :D
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  5. Can this be added to the Timeline?

    "Krysyy's October Event Madness"
  6. EMC: Where we willingly break thousands of pumpkins with our fists in hopes of winning some diamonds n stuff.
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  7. Wow, lots of events! I'll see what ones that I can make nearer the time *follows thread* :D
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  8. I would love to attaned
  9. Could we get one or two a few hours earlier like 4 or 5? I'll probably at least be able to make one or two though :)

    Sounds cool, is it optional to be able to just keep the renamed pumpkin?
  10. Some other things are coming from Dramanya/others (once she makes the post) that will be at earlier time slots on Mondays.
    The renamed pumpkin isn't a promo. It's created just like any normal player could rename a pumpkin. They're just coded.
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  11. Ahh okay, I will try to make it :)
  12. I love Pumpkin Bashing! Gonna try be at all the events.
  13. Sweet! I can't wait. ^_^
  14. I find it a coincidence that my 16th birthday is on the same day as the Pumpkin Patch party. Can't wait to attend all these events. =)