[EVENT] Pumpkin Patch Parties in October

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. I got to be at everyone they sound like fun!
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  2. Talk about October madness... looks I'll be all stocked up on pumpkins to make pumpkin pie come Thanksgiving! :p Hopefully I'll be able to make a couple of these. Thanks for hosting! :D
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  3. I think I can only make the last one, what a bummer. Hope everyone has fun! :)
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  4. Sadly I will not be around a device capable of playing Minecraft on the first date, but I shall be able to attend a later date. Have fun in the first one, whoever is going!
  5. Sounds like fun. :)
  6. This event is just ripe for the picking, I might attend one :D
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  7. Where is it????
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  8. Neat :3 I will try to be there for all of them
  9. Were is it located?
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  10. yea where is it, is it in a public farm or at /event??
  11. Looking forward to this! Only 19+ hours to go lol :p
  12. Krysyy, I'm so excited!!!!! I might be able to come tonight if my mom lets me go to bed a little later cause she's kind of strict about bedtime. When does it end?
  13. urg 8pm is 2 am for me -_-
    on school days
    to bad :)
    i might try to get to one or two but i hope everybody will have fun :p
    can't make everybody happy :)
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  14. I'll be there!
  15. Any details of where?
  16. YES!
  17. Will try to make it :)
  18. Are you gonna say where?
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