[EVENT] Moople's Marvelous Mayhem

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  1. Today's Event: Mob Arena!
    Your Host: MoreMoople
    When: 4:00 PM EMC time
    Where: Mob Arena on /games

    Moople's Marvelous Mayhem, coming soon to a server near you! Join us weekly for a variety of fun events, including Mob Arena, Fistfight, Netherspleef, and more!

    Voice chat may by used during the events. Join the Discord at discord.emc.gs!
  2. rip my ears,

    Wont be able to make it sadly, but hopefully next time!
  3. You are totally welcome
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  4. Time to bring my skills and put them to the test again.
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  5. Of course Moople is doing another event that lets her cause more chaos and death upon us puny mortals. xD
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    ...MoreMoople events
    That was completely unintentional I swear
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  7. This,,, is something worth staying up to 4am for.
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  8. Is this today?
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  9. Yes, this is today :)
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  10. :D maybe it would be a good idea to also list the day/date, so in times like this it is more clear (because it was posted before midnight EMC time).
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  11. Thank you all for coming! :D This week's event was Mob Arena, and we had a total of 4 rounds. 2 normal rounds, 1 no item round, and 1 boss arena round. Keep an eye out for next week's event! ;)
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  12. I enjoyed watching Jewel_King punch a wither boss
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