[EVENT] Moople's Firefloor

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  1. It was fun. :D
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  2. Thank you all for coming today! We had the usual three rounds followed up by two speed rounds! :D See you next time!
  3. I think I can make this!
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  4. Hey all! Firefloor will be on Tuesday at 10:30PM this week. My events will likely be moving around for a bit as I start exciting new parts of my life -- thank you for your patience. :)
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  5. Firefloor today at 10:30PM! I should be moving it back to either Friday or Saturday within the next couple of weeks. :)
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  6. Hiya all! FireFloor will be on Friday at 10:30 PM this week! Starting next week on September 11th, Firefloor will be returning to the good ol' Saturday night schedule. See you then! :)
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  7. Congrats on Last Block Standing, CardInAction! Thanks for coming tonight, everyone. :D
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  8. Thank you all for coming! Today MissBonnieParker won Last Block Standing in the second round, and jewel won Last Block Standing in the third round! Congratulations, you two. :D
  9. Howdy all! I'm traveling all day on Saturday, so this week's Firefloor has been moved to Wednesday, December 1st at 10:30PM. :)
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  10. Nevermind! We will have Firefloor at the usual time after all. jaqque is very excited to burn all of you. :D
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  11. Thank you everyone for coming out! We had our typical three rounds, came close to a Last Block Standing in round two, and followed up with six or seven speed rounds!

    It was also very lucrative, as I ended up with over one thousand rupees in bribes!
  12. So, the old maxim, bribery will get you far, paid, eh? Heh heh!!! :rolleyes:
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  13. Hey all! FireFloor has been moved to Wednesday, December 22nd! We will have festive floors, and holiday skins are encouraged. See you there! ;)
  14. Thank you all for coming to FireFloor tonight! We now have a wonderful new FireFloor Casino, courtesy of chickeneer. :D

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  15. The House Rules . . . :p
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