[EVENT] Moople's Firefloor

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  1. Thank you all for coming out! We came close to an LBS on round three, but alas there was none :( A few speed rounds followed by a PVP round.

    See you all next week!
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  2. Thank you all for coming out! We had our normal three rounds, a second to last block standing, and a few speed rounds! Including one pre-burn round! Totally intentional! I didn't mess up the order of burning and opening the doors[1]! Nor did I send all the players to the second floor, then select only the first floor, instantly dropping everyone to their doom[2]!

    See you all next week!

    [1] I did do that.
    [2] I did that, too.
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  3. What's this? FireFloor on a Wednesday? You read the calendar right. ;)
    Same time as usual, but keep an eye on the calendar for future FF changes!
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  4. Thank you all for coming to burn! We had 3 normal rounds followed up by 2 speed rounds. :D
  5. Working on the weekends, so FireFloor is now on Wednesday! Still 10:30PM. See you there! :D
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  6. Thank you all for coming tonight! We had the three usual rounds followed by a PvP round! :)
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  7. Thank you all for coming tonight! We had the three usual rounds followed by a speed round. Congratulations to Joy_the_Miner for winning Last Block Standing! :D
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  8. That was a nail biter!

    And a shout out to jewel_king for standing on the last block of the LBS celebratory speed round!
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  9. Thank you all for coming today! We had the three usual rounds, followed by a few speed rounds that involved me getting flykicked twice.
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  10. After sharing the first round, losing rounds two and three, and failing to survive a speed round... I hosted a few speed rounds.

    Followed by...

    Which was then followed by

    I still count that as a win :D
  11. Not to spoil tonight's Firefloor News Update, but...

  12. Thanks for coming, everyone! jewel won Last Block Standing for the second time, and I got fly kicked during jaqque's speed round! :D
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