[EVENT] Harvest Day

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Sorry ya’ll, no Harvest Day tonight contrary to calendar/original promotion of thread - thunderstorm bumped out internet (using data at the minute!) - I’ll try to make it up by hosting it tomorrow if anyone’s up for it!
  2. Moophahahaha! I'm taking over for a late Harvest Day tonight, but Johnkid still wants to host another one tomorrow :D See you all at 9:00 PM EMC time!
  3. o/
    you added a extra ha
    ill try to make it :p
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  4. :0 omg!
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  5. Thank you all for coming! See you next time :)
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  6. I feel bad that I didn't go because I so enjoyed it last time
    will there be one tomorrow, too? or was that a joke
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  7. Scratch that - due to the Birthday Cake event, I may either hold it after the Cake event, or it may not be held tonight. I promise to make it up within the next week though since I couldn't hold it last night!
  8. Howdy ya'll! For those that didn't know, Timelord Tuesday at 5pm got moved to Timelord Thursday at 7pm due to something that came up for Krysyy (you can see the post on her forum page here!). My events will eventually be moving to Mondays, but for the time being the schedule hasn't been altered, so I'm still hosting this today, Tuesday! Hope to see at least a few of you there :)
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  9. Aw, looks like I missed out on this one. Assuming it's only going for an hour. I had to work on my pc again, and just got all files completely back to normal.

    This is easily one of my favorites to come to. I'm sure you all had a good time huh. Hopefully I can come chill with you guys on the next one!
  10. It only ended just now (so 30 more minutes than an hour! I usually try to host for two hours but I've been ill lately), but it's okay! Hope to catch you the next time I host it, and if not, that you can catch someone's Harvest Day at some point if not mine! Glad you like the event! And thanks to everyone who came today!
  11. awh man I missed it :c