[Event] Halloween Town 2023

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by chickeneer, Oct 22, 2023.

  1. PSA: if you have candy that is not stacking properly, it's probably old candy. do /fixpromo while holding them in your hand
  2. Wish we could do that in bulk, got a lot of old ones lol
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  3. The Halloween Town event is officially closed. I will be disabling permissions soon. There will be a reward for those that participated in the town building. Probably won't have time to get to that till my Thanksgiving break this next week.
  4. hello i know i was warned about this but i sord of forgot to irl bizzy ness and stuf but u mind checking my plot if ther is somting in the chests since i wanted to take it out yesterday but i forgot u mind checking and sending it to me or letting me pick it up

    note not 100% shure if i took it out
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  5. Thanks for doing this for it was something new :)
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  6. oops i dit tink it was alrady closed
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  7. I've noticed that the different halloween towns have been merged into utopia, and it looks nice, but I'm wondering why my plot got moved, since I already had a place picked out on utopia.
  8. Yeah, you might get moved back. I was going to remove the outer rings and promptly decided I didn't have time
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  9. I just logged back onto utopia in Halloween Town and took my time touring around. I know not everyone is a master builder.. I certainly am not :rolleyes: .. but I can certainly enjoyed everyone's contribution with their builds.. be they simple or extra creative. I really did love this years fun. Thanks chickeneer and all who joined in to make it fun.. that goes to the alts as well who came in and traded candy with the late comers and helped them get their prizes. <3
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