[Event] Foxy's Night Miners

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  1. Hosted By: Slip55 & FoxyRavenger
    The Animatronic Fun is at 11:00 PM EMC time.

    Foxy's Night Miners
    This isn't your normal staff hosted mining event, Foxy's Night Miners is a spin-off of Friday Night Miners. This is an event created to go out with many people and mine out an area where I, Foxy (Or others) will be hosting! No night guard was hurt in making of this event.

    Who? Anyone and everyone is invited to join the fun :)

    What? We will be mining. It's that simple.

    Where? The server location will be said 15 minutes before the actual start. Please keep note of town chat when this is said. This thread will be bumped as well.

    When? This event will be held at 11:00 pm EMC time. (You can leave whenever you want :))

    Things to remember:
    • You need to bring your own gear (tools, armor, food etc).
    • Bring extra food to share with other players. It's a nice thing to do!
    • All EMC rules still apply
    • Lock your Valuables!
    • Community sharing is encouraged, but let them know ;)
    We use Discord!
    I use Discord during these events as talking is easier and fun to do! New members are always welcome to join us in the "Community 1 Voice " channel.

    Disclaimer: Hello all EMC player's and welcome to a new Mining event under my name! I created this event to help players who want Friday Night Miners or want more mining events with a twist of creativity. NO, I am not going to take over mining events hosted by staff. I will provide events every month unless noted.
    This event form was originally created by MrSocks75, edited to be my event. I do not claim originality of event or thread.

    Thank you so much AlexChance of creating my Banner for my Event!
  2. November 23, 2017

    FNM event will be on server: SMP 1

    in the Overworld

    Location: /wasteland s go south
    Coords: TBA

    To be included in the mining group:
    /msg FoxyRavenger or Slip55 invite!

    Last mining Trips

    1. Smp7, Overworld
    2. Smp6, Overworld
    3. Smp8, Overworld
    4. Smp1, Overworld
    5. Smp4, Overworld
    6. Smp6, OverWorld
    7. Smp7, OverWorld
    8. Smp7, OverWorld
  3. is this going to conflict with the other FNM?
  4. There isn't a Staff Hosted FNM this week so I created this thread a while back to prepare for it.

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  5. This is a great idea Foxy! Some staff might have some real life stuff to do so good job stepping up for this! ;)
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  6. Wasn't there like a FNM that someone else made too? Dont quote me on that though.
    Cool. I think this time is better for me. :D
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  7. I am not sure, it wasn't posted on the event calendar like mine. I was preparing for this day since December 18th :p
    (I quoted you too;))


    EVENT has been delayed an hour to give space for the other Mining event at 5pm EMC time. It will start at 9:30 than 8:30pm EMC Time
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  8. ill be there what server will it be on?
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  9. hehe.. Awesome. Hopefully I can find some enchanted books for my pick. If anyone knows a enchanted book store plz tell me. :)
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  10. It say it's 8:30 in the post, but in the picture it says 9:30.
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  11. best FNM event ever!! hope he host is again sometime soon. Great job Foxy
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  12. Thanks very much for hosting this week Foxy, it all turned out great!
  13. Sorry about not thanking you for the iron lol!

    Glad you had fun! I will do something for you soon :)
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  14. I was in you video, with the gold armor :D
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  15. Just a reminder for all of you Friday Night Miner lovers!

    I am hosting next week so be prepared :]
  16. I am so ready, and I will definitely make it again so can't wait!:)
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  17. Something I must show for tomorrow :p
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  18. I think I'm going to come I'm going to check my schedule though and depends on smp
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  19. Foxy... What can I say? Well, other than "how did I manage to miss this so far?" but most of all: My hats off to you good sir!

    This is what I'm talking about! If you can't get it done right, do it yourself! :D (for the record: should be obvious that this is just a saying and I don't mean anything by it. I'm also jesting a little bit).

    I think it's awesome that you're picking up where the staff more or less left off a bit. I can't make any promises (there is a reason why I hardly participate in FNM, one of which is my weekend beverage ;)) but I'll definitely try to attend at least once (this evening).

    Maybe I should try and bring a friend too :p
  20. Most definitely! I've been planning this event since a month ago as well as my last one I hosted. I am sure to not disappoint ;) I just need krysyy to respond to I can make this front page...

    I have more background on the area we are mining at tonight but I can't give much more than the screen shot I provided!
    That is a actual screenshot, it isn't fake it is on EMC
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