[Event] Foxy's Night Miners

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  1. I'm going to try and stay up for this. My eyes are already heavy though. I do however need some mine-time.
  2. I'm coming. And so is my trailer home

    I also see this is on the front page. Congrats
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  3. Aww sorry to hear. But I hope you have a good night tho Dragonritz!

    Glad to hear you can make it WuldHorse1989 and _Cave_Johnson. Hope you can make it too CloverOcean! Bit if not sleep well~! :3
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  4. It is only front page if Kryssy is awake ;)

    It wouldn't be possible for this event to be front page without her. Glad you can make it!
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  5. And it turns out I will be late. Have to clean the pool. Will be on by 7 though
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  6. I had a great time last night, even though I was too sleepy to socialize. I enjoyed reading about everyone else having fun. :p There were soo many cute mining houses, I had to screenshot a few. I'd like to see group mining excursions earlier in the day as well. This was the Waste in the South on SMP6.
    (The Muschroom House Is Mine)
  7. I see you found my quartz trailer home
  8. Alright here is the scoop of mining events that we are hosting in the next month. If you don't follow this thread and get these reminders, the event calendar has our times and dates. https://empireminecraft.com/pages/events/

    I (My alt Foxy_Ravenger) will be hosting a Patriotic FNM July 4th at 3:30 pm EMC time just before the fireworks =)

    TBird1128 will be hosting her Sunday morning event on July 24th at 11am EMC time

    I am glad you enjoyed my Wife's Event yesterday, heard everything went well. Hope you all can come next month! :)
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  9. I'll be attending´┐╝ :D
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  10. This starts right as my church service does :eek:
    I might be on afterwards tho :)
  11. Here are some pics I took yesterday during TBird's mining event!

  12. sadly i won't be able to make it today as i thought :( i'm in my hometown and we have to travel back to where we live today, so i don't have the time this morning. i'm sorry bird ! hope you all have fun anyway !
  13. I'm sorry JohnKid maybe next month safe travels!
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  14. Bump

    Server and coordinates have been given.

    Have fun :)
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  15. Soooo now that you are back are you going to be reviving this?
  16. I edited it and going to be hosting 9/15/17
  17. I will also be there to help out as well :)
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  18. Yis! Can't wait ill try to comr to your events foxy ^-^
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  19. Just a reminder! The event is today at 10pm! I hope to see you all there :)
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  20. The site looks AMAZING! I'm stocking the food chests so even if you don't have food there will be some there.
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