[Event] Foxy's Night Miners

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by ConductorConduit, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Cords have been announced in the 2nd post, come on innnn!!
  2. Awesome! This event is back. :D Can't make it this week tho.
  3. It's okay, next time ;)
  4. Thanks for hosting Foxy. The place looked great.
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  5. Minecrafters doing minecrafting in Minecraft...

    Placing the places in the place...
  6. I wanted to get an aerial view, thank you for doing that and thanks again joining :)
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  7. No, FNM this month. Sorry everyone .-. Been too busy with school work. Plan for Thanksgiving or Christmas for next event time :)
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  8. Alright you Turkey lovers out there, don't forget we are having a mining event at 11pm tonight! Come out and hunt turkeys, chop the forest or mine! All fun for all ages!

    I'll be waiting ;)
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  9. Alright Server has been just announced and I will send the cords to you :3