[Event] Foxy's Night Miners

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  1. Where will it be today? What location?
  2. IT is at smp1 Wasteland North East South
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  3. Okay so here's the deal. As you can see on the first page Foxy has edited the event slightly. Until he gets back I will be taking over his event. May 6th will be the first one I will be hosting. I will try to do my best and hope to do a good job. I am going to have a little help from some friends setting up and will say who they are at the event to thank them for their help and hope you do as well.
    I will be using mumble and some of you may have already seen me on there but usually very quiet. During this event I'll do my best to talk more to everyone seeing as I will be the host.
    I will also be holding a house building contest. There will be a 1st-3rd place and the prizes will be announced during the event. I might not always do a contest, it depends on if I have stuff to give away. Note that anyone of my friends that help me set up for the event will not be allowed to be in the house building contest. If anyone would like to donate to the contest prizes feel free to come by either my main residence on SMP4 at 8781 or my 3rd residence on SMP7 at 15517. There will be a chest outside both of my houses for donations to the house building contest.
    I want everyone to have fun and please do not steal or grief others, it ruins the fun. I can't wait to host this event and hope to see you all there!
    EDIT: So Krysyy made a way for people to make temp channels on mumble and I plan on making one to use for this event. It will be called Blue Fox Den (KikuDusk).
  4. Glad to see another family playing EMC! Mine include the hubby, our twins, his sister and our niece. We are on smp 7
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  6. Hi just_five_fun! Its always nice to see you and your family at mining events~! Hope to see you at the one I will be hosting in a couple weeks! :)
  7. Ok so change of plans. The first one I will b e hosting will be held on the 13th of may. We didn't notice there was already one scheduled for the 6th so we changed it. Either way I am still holding a house building contest at the event if anyone would like to donate go to either of my two residences one SMP4 8781, or SMP7 14656. I will be using Mumble during the event and will be in my own Mumble channel which will be BlueFox Den (KikuDusk).
    Can't wait and hope to see you all there~!
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  8. The event is tonight everyone~! To celebrate me and Foxy being together for a month since the 11th I am having some good prizes for the house building contest and also a drop party~! This won't happen often, only for special occasions such as our monthiversary! I will be on mumble under my own channel BlueFoxDen (KikuDusk) Hope to see you all at the FNM tonight~!

    Also a little sneak peak picture~ :3
  9. What time will it be?
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  10. The event will start at 9:30 EMC time. So 2 and a half hours from now
  11. It's getting closer, do we have a location yet?
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  12. We do have a location, server will be announced in 8 minutes
  13. Now, before I explain what is happening with the Sunday event in June please keep in mind there are other players on the other side of the world. My friend TBird1128 will be hosting east hemisphere FNM. Remember, FNM doesn't stand for Friday Night Mining it is Foxy's Night Miners.

    I hope the majority can attend this New Mining event on Sunday. 6/5/16
  14. Can't come to the start of it cause of church but if it's still going afterwards Ill come on out :D
  15. Come to smp7 Waste north west north staircase
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  16. Cant make it today darn it
  17. i will be there :D plus i will get extra seeds for anyone to uses them :D
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