[Event] Defend the Castle! - 4/11 @ 9pm EMC

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  1. Tonight we die! Tonight we defend our homes!

    Tonight at 9PM gear up!

    Host: ElfinPineapple

    What will we be doing?: Tonight we head out to an old waste castle that needs repair. But it will not be an easy task that has been put before us.
    The land is filled with mobs and creatures who wish to deny our home and destroy our livelihood. We head out to a difficult terrain with vicious enemies, all being at least level 9 in strength. We are outnumbered my comrades. This much is true. But we are many, and we are strong. Tonight, we fight for and build our home turf! Bring gear. Bring items. We soon will use them to bring life to these ruins. And slaughter those who stand in our way!

    Bring the things you need.

    Armor, weapons, tools, ores, food, even building materials. The castle needs to be built.

    I recommend bringing a chest and a sign so you can lock your chest for items you want to keep for yourself.

    We are relying on natural mob spawns for this event. If you want the maximum number of mobs to attack, please turn your miniboss settings to on and minimize the use of light sources. Note also that even low level mobs can have significant reward drops at this difficulty and they're still a formidable challenge for groups!

    I will be on Mumble; join me there.

    Please note that all EMC rules apply at this event.

    Light sources

    While conceptually there may some desire to light up an entire area to prevent spawning of mobs, this is a difficulty 9 death event which requires, well, death. A safe zone will always be provided where beds can be placed and spawns set so no spawn killing occurs.

    In the interest of creating natural mob spawns, I would ask that torches and other permanent sources of light either not be used or used in such a way where it would not prevent mob spawns..
  2. Tonights Castle

    Castle of Werth

    The tales say that the castle is built in a peaceful community that, unfortunately, is long dead. But by restoring the housing, one might relive the beauty and harmony that once lived there. Those who has tried thus far have died. Thus, adventurers and saviors of the castle and it's community have long stopped trying and the castles ruins have gone into greater decay.

    That neglect ends tonight. Tonight we will not only restore what has long been lost, we will defend it!

    Tonight's event will be on server: TBD

    in the Waste

    Location: TBD
    Direction: TBD
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  3. 3/7/16



    *Special thanks to Sachrock for donating three wither skulls.
  4. I would do this if I didn't have so much homework and tests tomorrow :(
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  5. will lava walls be allowed?
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  6. Definitely going to join! :D
    Anything to kill those monsters and green exploding huggers. :mad:
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  7. I will be able to! Since im 1 hour behind EMC! :D
  8. This seems like an awesome event :D Unfortunately I'll definitely be asleep by this time :( Early morning lectures for me! I hope you all have fun though, I want to see screenshots!
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  9. Sounds like fun!
  10. #awesomeeventatanawesomecastle

    Seriously, this sounds like fun! Though that's a bit late for me so won't be able to come
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  11. Sounds fun. I'll do it whenever I have Monday/Tuesday off.
  12. Do one at -3600 -150 on smp4 waste, my old castle-like outpost is around that place
  13. This looks awesome... I hope to be there
  14. NOO college, quit cutting in to my emc time! This sounds ridiculously fun! Unfortunately i wont be able to make it :/ Hope everyone enjoys it though ^.^
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  15. This sounds like an absolute blast! Hope to make it there for all the fun!
  16. Ill try to make it :p
  17. Would loved to have attended, but its 3 am at that time for me, hope everyone has a great time :)
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  18. this is awesome I will try to be there :)
  19. I might be able to catch the tail end of this awesome event. :) If so, I shall come ready to fight! I'll bring peanut butter in case any of the creepers are allergic.
  20. How to properly Defend a Castle.