[EVENT] Day of Chance

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  1. But you just got it! Is something the matter? D:
  2. It's time to buuuuurn! Grab some marshmallows and join us for...

  3. Thank you all for coming! We had the three usual rounds followed up by two speed rounds. Seeya next time! ;)
  4. Sorry, meant to respond to this earlier!

    Back in March the mouse pointer on my laptop started randomly freaking out/clicking repeatedly on its own. When I tried restarting, it went to a screen saying "repairing disk errors," which failed a couple times. I couldn't get it to start in safe mode or do anything. My dad and I ended up loading Windows onto my other drive, and it finally worked again with that. Unfortunately, when we tried recovering data from my SSD, my laptop couldn't detect it and the drive immediately started overheating.

    Hopefully it's all good now, as the new SSD has been installed and seems to be working well. :)
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  5. Thank you all for coming today! We spent some time doing spleef, boat races, riding the rollercoaster, and more! :D
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  6. Look out below! It's time for...

  7. will it be ever possible to have an event that is not in the middle of the night for us europeans?
  8. I've hosted earlier events before -- currently not available to do so, but hopefully in about a month. What times (in EMC time) are best for your time zone? :)
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  9. I'm in the GMT+1 zone, so 6 hours ahead of US eastern.

    1p.m. to 4p.m. eastern, usually for me, but maybe a poll for european users would be better to see when participation could be higher.

    Thank you! :)
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  10. Thank you all for coming today! ;) We had a total of four rounds, three of which were won by jewel_king. Our final winner was KAROLkarol12! Congrats to both of you :D