[EVENT] Day of Chance

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by MoreMoople, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Very fun! Me and patchesmasterblk absolutely dominated!
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  2. Today's event is...

    Mob Arena! :D
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  3. What times?
  4. 4 PM EMC time :) (EST)
    You can do /time in game to see what time it currently is for EMC
    (1 hour 46 minutes from now)
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  5. Ouch. If it was today, then i could not make it (work lol) HBut i can 100% make it the next day :)
  6. Bring your fists and prepare to fight! It's time for...

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  7. It's time for a nice and peaceful day of fun in the sun!

    Harvest Day!
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  8. Don't stop running!

    Today's event is... TNT RUN!
  9. i wish i can join but i can't.... it's 3am in vietnam. Thanks moople for hosting some events
    (i really thought about different times zones)
    (some events start at 3pm, 5pm emc time and i can't join)
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  10. Hey all! Day of Chance is being rescheduled for Friday, November 5th at 10:30PM. Happy Halloween! :D
  11. What's that? A new feature?! It's time for...

    Mob Arena! (Underwater Edition!)
  12. Mob Arena Under Da sea Version XD

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  13. It's time to explore the deep blue sea! Get ready for...

    Ocean Explorers!
  14. *sadness rising*
    Different time zone (4pm emc time mean 3am in my time) *haizzzz*
    Last time i can woke up is 4am, but it's verrry tired and i can't play game
    Anyway, interesting event, i'll join if i have time and health
    (My health isn't allow to play game beyond 3am)
    (I Blame for my weak health)
  15. Thanks for coming, everyone! If anybody else would like to check out the location for Ocean Explorers, you can find it on SMP4 /waste c. There's a teleport sign to it. :)
  16. Let's have some fun with...

    Funday Festival!
  17. This will shearly be a lot of fun! Join us for...

  18. BUUUUURN!!!!

  19. Congrats to ArkonXT for winning Last Block Standing! Thank you all for coming. :)
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