[EVENT] Day of Chance - FireFloor!

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  1. Sharpen your swords and polish your armor... It's time for:

    PvP (Murder that Moople!)

    My head policy from the previous events continues. I will write down the names of everyone who kills me and at the end, one of those people will be randomly selected to win my head! :)
  2. Thank you all for coming today! Congratulations to Cyberazaz101 for winning my head. :D

    Also, a HUGE thank you to Ethy202 and wafflecoffee for their help in replacing my PvP gear. You are all so kind. :) <3
  3. Oh, you flatter me! It's really nothing!
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  4. The mobs... they're coming! It's time forrrr

    Mob Arena!

    See you all there! Make sure you check out this thread to suggest mob names! :D
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  5. First Mob Arena of 2021! Let's go!!!
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  6. I expected some more punishing arenas with item damage & drops- but it turned out to be a fun event without much commitment for me! Thanks for hosting, moops!
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  7. Thanks for coming to today's Mob Arena! We had two no item rounds, one item round, and one boss arena round! :)
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  8. Pull out your boxing gloves! We're about to have a..

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  9. (prepares several funny shanks)
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  10. Fight to the death !!!!
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  11. Thank you all for attending today's Fistfight! We had a total of 5 rounds. See you next time! :D
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  13. Thank you all for coming today! I hope you got everything you needed. :D I caught myself a piggy. ;)
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  14. Just in time for Valentine's Day, please welcome the newest Day of Chance Event!

    Tunnel of Love!
  15. Thank you all for coming! We had two team rounds and two solo rounds. Happy Valentine's Day! :D <3
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  16. Sharpen your swords and shine your shields! It's time for...

    PvP (Murder that Moople!)
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  17. Thank you all for coming! Today's lucky head winner was Skeletin007! Congratulations :D
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  18. This event will shearly be fun! Join us for...

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  19. I’ll try to make it!
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