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  1. I am now back and seeing which old members (including old government members) are active and willing to continue in their former capacity. If you'd like to join, I can also nominate you to become a potential member (we vote to approve before sending applications), or even bump an old application if you're someone that got approved but previously declined to join. I'm also updating the membership list accordingly, with new convos. However, this is just the beginning of a new era! :eek:

    I also now consider Echelon815 a citizen (protected non-founding member) along with FerretArez and finch_rocks_1. She deserves it due to her accomplishments, and I have no idea why I didn't think to do that before!

    Oh, and happy belated seventh birthday to the MPO! It was on June 17, 2015 that the MPO was founded, so its seventh birthday was 10 days ago.
  2. can i join?
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  3. Wow! A lot at the MPO has changed since I spent much time there, and I mean that in a good way! The old guardian farm looks way nicer than before, the road there is no longer a dead end, and the road to the Town Hall (although still narrow) now has lane markers and cool overhead lights!
  4. Going through the public thread today I was reading all the posts.

    Outstanding Minecraft Paradise Outpost Topic:
    • Banner for MPO
    MercenaryCrow suggested this site (a long while back)...
    -Use this site to toy around with ideas quickly and easily.

    And personally, I haven't used looms yet. :p I'll give those a try now too.

    Anyone and everyone that wants to try to come up with a banner for consideration for MPO...
    Post it here. Love to see your designs. And... a team of the founders and such others will pick the winner which will be the the MPO banner.

    Let's see your creativity and Thank you.

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  5. I'm proud to announce the launch of the Road to Paradise Development Initiative! emc.gs/t/87064/
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  6. Today is the MPO's ninth birthday! We're still looking for people to join, so if you want to join or would invite/recommend someone else to do so, please let me know. Then I can nominate you or whoever you invite/recommend joining to force a vote on whether to send them an application; the motion usually succeeds, with only one failed application that wasn't due to the accepted nominee voluntarily declining to apply.

    The nether horse highway giving a third travel option and connecting Dunesboro directly to town is now protected from high falls and fully two lanes, but it's still not safe for camel riders nor from ghasts and blazes. This should make it less of a burden to join, even though the fight for better infrastructure is far from over. Due to burnout exacerbating my mental health struggles, though, I don't foresee myself raising nor finishing the ceiling anytime soon, especially given the need to also put up occasional nether brick fences to stop ghasts from spawning in the expanded tunnel.