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  1. So, I'm sure many have noticed that Entity Limits have changed with yesterdays update. A big update to the code to simplify it and improve performance and functionality was done..

    • Animals and monsters share a limit in the wild of 250
      Limit is now 250 to represent both monsters and animals. This is good for people who use spawner farms, and makes the readout simpler overall. Animal/Monster #'s are still shown for diagnosing what types of entities are in your area.
    • Utopia now has a 150 limit per residence. SMP is still 100 (not going to ever go higher on 60x60 lots)
    • Monster spawning range has decreased back to 4 chunk radius.
    • Player based mob limits
      Previous version would determine limits based on the spawning location. While it still does that, it also checks the player that is triggering the spawn!

      Previously spawners could potentially bring you over the limit due to the /entcount shown at a spawners location being different than what the player saw. That is no longer true, it will first rest the player before it even tries to spawn.

      Additionally, vanilla logic tries to balance around 70 monsters per player for natural spawns. This has also been implemented. Natural spawns will cease to exists if your ent count reaches 90 monsters.
    • Monster spawn density increased
      Monsters use to only spawn 2 within 23 blocks of each other "Clusters". This has been increased to 4 per 8 block radius! The wild will be a little bit more dangerous...

      However with the limit to natural spawning, you will not be overrun with monsters, but you will probably have a bit more of a fight than before this update!
    • Counting should be very accurate now.
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  2. EDIT:

    Not cool Aikar. :(

    EDIT #2: There goes the economy. Again...
    Oh and I made one of the Apples speeches!
    /entcount. It was bad to start now it got worse!
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  3. Woo now Ill make bigger animal farms in my wild base.
  4. Trying to work out how this could ruin the economy...
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  5. Yey :D
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  6. i thought it was already ruined... so it can't ruin an already ruined economy lol
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  7. I bolded anything that could...
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  8. This is Eyecar. He ignores logic.
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  9. Great work Aikar. Definitely going to help balance some stuff out. :)
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  10. Thank you Aikar! This in turn this will actually make some farms MUCH more effective, it will just require a little more work :D
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  11. I do not like the limit being changed on spawn limits for natural mobs. I have a wither farm that is pointless now, nothing is spawning! I have not gotten one pigman or anything. Currently i am trying to put more half slabs down to stop the spawning of outside mobs. I feel that 80 is low, i saw no lag or other problems that i had with the 200 before. If this is suppose to make it more like vanilla minecraft, I don't like it.

    Did the area of how close to mobs change?
    Why does the spawner mob caps go up, while the natural caps go down?
  12. Great! My leather farm will be even better!
  13. Compare these two pictures and tell me that this is balanced:
    Darkroom spawners and other natural traps were already at a horrible disadvantage. So now, I'm limited to 50-80 monsters in a 5 chunk radius, but the monsters will only move if they are within two chunks...

    I was in the Nether earlier and heard one lonely ghast. Never saw him though. I counted four pigmen, a skeleton, two blazes, and a wither skeleton in about an hour when I'm used to seeing hundreds of mobs.

    I'm in the Wild now sitting at a spawner grinder that's bursting with mobs and a natural grinder that's yielded nothing. Nothing's come out of the nearby mine while I've been sitting here, and no slimes have spawned where normally they are constantly trampling my wheat.

    I'm thinking this is going to make things like wither skulls and TNT a lot more valuable.

    Zeke1o0o said: " If this is suppose to make it more like vanilla minecraft, I don't like it." - If there's anything vanilla about this change, it's an accident. A Single Player map would be churning out mobs at your farm.

    Aikar said: "The wild will be a little bit more dangerous..." <-- For some reason, I don't feel very scared.

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  14. Couldn't find much wither skeletons , I guess beacon prices will rise dramatically now since they have become longer to get
  15. There he goes again. Riuning the economy. You read that wrong.

    Oh, wait...
  16. Wow. That bottom one looks really awesome, that top one is a snoozefest :/

    Mobs have been crazy for a while now. A couple nights ago Brit, Sonicol and I took a trip to the nether. We found maybe 2 skeles, 2 blaze, 2 tiny magmacubes, 20 pigmen and ran away from maybe 1 Ghast. Yet in the wild we were running for our lives, trying not to die as creeper after creeper went off and skeles shot us like crazy. At Pazzo it constantly rains spiders down on my house it seems. Also used to could fill a blaze grinder really quick and now it takes me forever. :(
  17. A couple of nights ago, this change wasn't in effect. Try it now.

    For your spider problem, rather than put down torches at Pazzo, put 300 cows under each of your houses. If I understand Aikar's changes correctly, that will stop monsters from spawning in a 5 chunk radius. No more torches all over.
  18. :( One of the worst sounds ever, cows stomping around and "MERRRRR"ing constantly xD
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  19. Glad to see the risk of my face getting murdered by mobs has been reduced, if only slightly. But somehow, this is going to ruin the economy more... Still need to figure out how, but believe me, I will.
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  20. I think there are still some issues with this. I'm alone in a mushroom island, so I know any hostile mobs must come from spawners, and I've explored it quite thoroughly so I know the only spawners around me are my spider spawners. Yet when in reality there are only 76 monsters around the /entcount tool tells me there are 176 monsters, and what is really bad is that even though there are only 76 mobs, no more are spawning.


    Furthermore, after disabling the spawners and killing 75 of the 76 mobs, the /entcount tool shows only 46 mobs, so I killed 75, but the monster count decreased by 130.
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