Entcount Trouble

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  1. I only have 27 animals on my plot but the entcount says that I have 72 animals. I am not dyslexic. Can anyone help me?
  2. I was having the same problem, I had NO animals or villagers but it said I had 100 and wouldn't let me spawn any!!
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  3. Aikar is on the case, guys. We've had a couple of reports like this, but I'm sure it will be sorted quickly.
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  4. On a related note, I spawned two wolves earlier and now every time I get on more wolves are spawning in.
  5. Free rupees my man!

    No just kidding, never exploit a glitch for your own gain on EMC!
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  6. I need information on exactly what triggers it. It really confuses me as even if counting got off track, an auto refresh every 15 is suppose to fix it...

    So please try to figure out exact causes, but dudelol suspects egging.

    Have any of you got this without messing with animals at all?
  7. yea i was egging my villagers and spawning them to get a good trade and then they said i couldnt spawn anymore
  8. I believe that what caused my trouble was when i was trying to get a good trade with my villagers. So it would be a trouble with the sticks and spawn eggs. Thanks for all your help you guys.
  9. I've been experiencing this issue to but only so far on the residences I have with villagers. Perhaps it is connected to them?
  10. I think I found the issue.

    In the rescan code it had a if(entity.isDead()) when it was meaning to be isAlive().... This threw off logic greatly.

    I also found there is a isValid() that does even better checks that should account for stuff more than killing like eggifying.

    So next ver should resolve the issues but I cant reproduce it in my test environment... so if people can get me a for sure way to reproduce it that is best.... otherwise itll be a "pray for the best"
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  11. my idea is remove this mob limit try to repair it thn put it cuz its rlly irritating
  12. I know that we don't want to use this that often but this kinda deserves it...
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  13. You know what is more irritating? Major lag. Which makes it so you cant do anything...
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  14. me too :(
  15. lag is the worst XD
  16. its so annoying now i cant breed my sheep or get good trades wth villagers and i only have like 30-40 mobs abt 25 vill and abt 14 sheep