Endertopia 2.0!

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  1. After a good couple weeks of hard work, Endertopia 2.0 is finally finished and ready to the Utopian public. Endertopia, for those who do not know, is a community built enderman grinder and "city" that started near the launch of EMC and continued to grow at a fast pace.

    Due to it's gaining popularity, there were issues that came up within the city/grinder, including improperly placed blocks and decorations that very strongly limited the grinder potential.

    We decided to take this amazing project, and pretty it up to perfection over the last couple weeks so that it runs like a smooth machine. We've included a pre-built (enderman safe) city that will have residences to purchase. Large premium houses will be about 200K rupees, the medium premium houses will be 100K rupees and an ender-partment will cost 50K rupees.

    We know it's a bit to spend, but it's something you'll be able to keep as your own throughout your EMC career and it's to make sure we don't get over flooded with requests for them to the point where they won't fit anymore.


    72 Ender-Partments (The 50k costing ones)

    24 Ender-Flats (The 100k ones - They have a redstone block on top of them)

    18 Premium Ender-Residences (The 200k ones - They have a Diamond Block somewhere on the entrance)

    • Ender-Partments have 10 single chests
    • Ender-Flats have 32 single chests
    • Premium Ender-Residences have 66 single chests
    I'd also like to give a HUGE thank you to Belchmaster, who is the original starter and founder of Endertopia, to Maxarias, erosego, and TehSpiders who was a big help during the building process of Endertopia 2.0, and to GameKribJim, who was around for shenanigans when I was going crazy from working on the project so long.

    Fun Fact: It takes a 647 Knockback sword to hit GameKribJim riding a pig from Endertopia 2.0 to Endertopia 1.0, which is roughly 3000-4000ish blocks.

    To get to Endertopia 2.0, type "/v endertopia" from spawn or walk into the beam of light in the new glass building at the Utopia Spawn.

    Now, enjoy the official Endertopia 2.0 Release Video.

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  3. darn not first :c
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  4. Awesome :D

    EDIT: Made the video *fistpumps*
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  5. Awesome, let the grinding begin!

    So just /v endertopia 2?
  6. I'm wondering how to get there myself.
    /v endertopia 2 /v enderetopia-2 and /v endertopia2
    all don't work
  7. That woulda been helpful huh? I'll update the main post.

    You can get there either via the beam of light building at the Utopia Spawn or by /v et2.
  8. Yay, will have to see about being gold again to see this new version :D
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  9. I feel happy I was in that
  10. Here is another important issue. How do you leave Endertopia 2.0?
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  11. Go to the spot were you spawned then go to the left then back to the stone
  12. I found it....
  13. Mmm , might consider my supportership to gold once more
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  14. YAY! Its here!
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  15. There is a huge problem tho the tree farm don't work plus we don't have build flag to destroy the logs
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  16. You destroy the logs when they're in the log harvest building. Read the signs by each one and it explains how it works. Don't try and break anything where you plant the tree.
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  17. How about a 200k free rupees to celebrate? :p
  18. Wow. This looks awesome! I'll be out very soon! :D
  19. Cool, im saving my money so i can be a supporter again, yay!