Empire Newsletter: June 2022

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  1. The month of June is already upon us! Time flies when you're having fun. Read on for this month's updates!

    Community Team Updates:
    • Build Team
      • The Build Team has made good progress on the next major event build. There is still a lot more to do before it is released, but it's all starting to come together.
      • The Build Team has finished a new outpost build for the waste spawns. It will be released when EMC updates to 1.19!
    • Contribution Team
      • The Contribution Team made various corrections and improvements to Wiki pages last month. If you find a mistake on the Wiki or have a suggestion to improve it, send a message to the Contribution Team Members!
    Do you want to help the Empire? Consider joining a Community Team! Click here for more information.

    Staff Updates:
    • The Senior Staff are looking for new moderators to join the staff team! If you think you would be a good fit for the position, apply here!
    • Do you know somebody who would make a good staff member? Recommend them here!
    • We hope you had fun opening your Time Capsule! The Time Temple is now closed, but it will open again next year.
    Don't forget to use /report to let staff members know about activity that breaks the rules!

    Developer Updates:
    • Various bugs were fixed for the Games Server update. The first part of the update will be released soon. It will contain about three staff-hosted games and six games that do not require staff to play.
    • Progress has been made on the Empires update (Not Outposts). It is nearing a releasable state with more features to be added post-release.
    • Minecraft 1.19 is scheduled to release on June 7th! We will add protocol connection support within about a day of Mojang's release. You will still be able to connect with 1.18.2. Please be patient while the developers work to update EMC to this new version. An announcement about the wastelands reset will come out before the update so that you will have time to gather your belongings. Read more about the 1.19 update here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/the-wild-update-coming
    Please remember to report any bugs to pmdev.emc.gs!

    New Player Spotlight:
    In the last month, we have had some wonderful new players who joined our community. ClayPlatypus posted an introduction thread, so please check it out and give them a warm welcome!

    Are you a new or returning player? Post an introduction thread here to help the community get to know you!

    New Forum Section:
    The Byte Chat section was recently added to the Empire Creativity section of the forums. If you enjoy programming, this is the section for you! Feel free to jump in and post about your projects, ask questions, and more. https://empireminecraft.com/forums/byte-chat.175/

    Thanks for reading this month's newsletter. Here are a few frog-related jokes to celebrate the release of the 1.19 update! :D

    What is a frog's favorite summertime treat?


    What do frogs like to drink on a hot summer day?

    What kind of shoes do frogs wear?
    Open toad sandals :rofl: :lmao:
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  2. Ha ha, good ones Moops! Looking forward to 1.19 - some interesting additions there.
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  3. I really like the newsletters. It is impressive the amount of work that goes into EMC and I am thankful for all of you!
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  4. Looking forward to the Games Server update! It's been a while since I've gone there myself!
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  5. 1.19 oh my golly!! Waste resets and new explorations. I can smell it now.
  6. Nice to hear, thanks for the update. :)
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  7. I'm looking forward to 1.19 and the new swamp biome. Thanks for the update!
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