Hello Everyone!

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  1. Hello!

    I thought I'd introduce myself since I have been playing on EMC for ~1 month now. I graduated college semi-recently and decided to buy myself a Minecraft account as a graduation gift. As best I can tell the last version I've played on was around version 1.7 on my sister's account. I've definitely had a steep learning curve figuring out all the new features (to me) like elytra, woodland mansions, and things like that.

    As for how I ended up here, I wanted to try playing online but I am terrible at PvP, and that's when I found EMC! I've really enjoyed the way things are set up here and I plan on sticking around for a while :D I've made my home on SMP6 and have a little shop going at +axolotl if you feel like visiting :) Also, feel free to wander around my plot! I've got a bit of a garden going on in the center of my plot, but there's still a corner I'm not quite sure what to do with. If you have any suggestions for me, let me know!
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  2. Welcome to EMC! It's nice to see other players who plan to stick around. :)
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  3. Heya, ClayPlatypus! I've seen you around at some events recently. Welcome to EMC! :D
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  4. Greetings Clay! Welcome to EMC. If you're ever in need of a job or some money just gimme a call.
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  5. Welcome to EMC, Clay!
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  6. welcome to emc, clay!
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  7. Welcome to our peaceful Empire!
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  8. Hi, welcome to the Empire. :D
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  9. Who else got here from the June newsletter?
    Pretty cool ngl
    Also welcome <3
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  10. Late to giving a welcome but here now and happy to have ya! =D I too was drawn to emc because of the no pvp and even more that there would be no wiping out everything I'd built just because of a new update. That got really old very fast. Again.. Welcome Home ClayPlatypus :D

    edited to add: Yup.. I got here from the news letter. Thank you Moopies!! <3
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  11. Welcome to emc ClayPlatypus hope you come to love this server as much as everyone else here :)
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